Now Looky Here, I’m Still Standing

Raphael Saadiq, you put your foot in this one. Maybe both feet.To come up with this slice of what I would call soul for the 90s?

This may have been the beginning of the end of Tony! Toni! Toné! as we knew them, but it also might have been the beginning of Saadiq’s solo career. I don’t know too many people who know of this particular song, but whenever I hear it, I feel something. I think back to those days when I would be at home while my significant other was out all night. There’s even a reference or two to that kind of behavior in the song. By the end, she would walk out. And the chorus of this song, with it’s questioning hook, would be playing in my head while I went through the agony of a relationship gone south.

Have you ever loved somebody who loved you so much it hurt you to hurt them so bad?

I wonder if the ex has ever asked herself that question. After it had all gone bad, I realized that I was “Still A Man.” That’s the name of the song that is today’s Morning Groove.

To me, it sounds like one of those old soul classics, where the singer testifies for minutes on end about love, lost love, found love. I could hear someone like Bobby Womack, or even Otis Redding tear into something like this, wringing all the emotion out of it. That it was Raphael Saadiq doing it though? He showed me something with this. Not that I wasn’t a fan of the group before I heard the song. But I’d never heard anything before to suggest that this was in him, or them. Think of their hits: “Feels Good,” “Anniversary,” “If I Had No Loot,” among others. Nothing in them could have prepared anyone for this.

This one hits a little close to home for me, because parts of the lyrics I lived. And even so, I love it so much. I know it isn’t well known. And it is kind of long; over seven minutes. But not a second is wasted. From the group’s last proper studio album, House Of Music, this might have been their last masterpiece. And for me, it’s one of their best.

Have you ever loved somebody who loves you so much it hurts you to hurt them so bad?

Thanks for reading and listening.

Please note: tomorrow for Flashback Friday, I have another guest DJ who has a very special song and a story to tell. Please come back to check it out!

13 Replies to “Now Looky Here, I’m Still Standing”

  1. Great song! And, yes, I could have sung that to a man some years back. (Genders reversed in my version of the song) This song hit it right on the head, so much so that it hurt to listen to it. I suppose that makes it art

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    1. Thanks Elissa. The healing has been going on for years; I was thinking of a time a few years ago, not recently. The situation I was describing (though the post doesn’t exactly make it clear as to when) was going on about 3-4 years ago. But I can remember those emotions, and they don’t hurt anywhere near as much as they did back then. Thanks so much for your comment and kind words. 🙂

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  2. Dang you got me today Twin! I didn’t know this one. Very nice!

    The opening kinda reminds me of “When something is wrong with my Baby” by Sam and Dave.

    My favs by TTT are “Just me and you” and “Whatever you want. ”

    As you said, Raphael had been moving more so towards neo soul by the time the group called it quits.

    On his solo efforts I loved the one he did with Qtip: “Get involved.” It was very old school.
    Excellent post 🙂

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    1. In reverse order (I think):

      Thank you!

      “Get Involved”! Now we really are twins. LOVE that song. “C’mon Baby/Foxy Lady”…be right back (finds song; starts two step)

      (five minutes later) Yes he was; but even I didn’t think he’d take it as far as he did on those last solo albums. Some real retro stuff he was doing, but it sounded great.

      Two more great songs by TTT! Oh I was mad that they broke up!

      Never thought about it sounding like Sam And Dave’s classic-but now that you mention it…the song just has old soul all over it. Which is why I loved it in the first place.

      Glad I could introduce this one to you, and so glad you liked it. That seems to be the general consensus among the comments.


      1. ROTFLMAO at the idea of you walking off to find “Get involved” then doing the two step!!! LOL!!! I mean hollering!

        As for Sam and Dave I think it’s just the beginning part that repeats some throughout. Not so much the song as a whole.

        Either way, it is a very nice song.

        We prolly need to submit to a DNA analysis pretty damn soon!

        By the way, you may need to check out a debate about falsettos that started between me and Ron on the ’73 post. Let’s just say that the song “Why have I lost you” by Cameo is heavily involved.

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