How I Came Up With The Name

It has its own page.

Back in November of 2014, just before I was about to move from my hometown to where I currently live, I decided to give this blogging thing another shot. But this time, I decided I would do it the way I always wanted. I sat down, and I thought about what I could call this blog.

Having already named an earlier blog after my street address, I thought I would do that again with my new street address. But I decided against it. I thought about what I would be writing about, but that was too broad (although now it primarily is about music that I like, though I like to make a lot of it relate to me). In fact, I had a header image that was a picture of my street sign on my blog before. But I took it down, when I decided I didn’t need my street name on a blog that has nothing to do necessarily with where I lived.

Going over possible names, I remembered that there was a song I’d heard a while back called “A Joyful Process.” All I had to do was find it, and I knew it would be the title. Because I’ve always liked writing, and I felt that for me, expressing myself by writing was fun, or in title terms, a joyful process. I found the song on Spotify, gave it a listen, and thought, yep. This is it.Then it dawned on me, wouldn’t it be great if your blog had a theme song?

A thank you to George Clinton and his group Funkadelic for providing this song for me to pick. Thank you to Bernie Worrell, the keyboard whiz who drives this song, then allows drums, guitar, horns and strings and all manner of things to add to this funky groove. And to think, it begins with a quote from “Jesus Loves Me,” before it goes into some totally different thing altogether.

So…the song that gave my blog its name. It’s the Morning Groove for today. Plus it fits the “instrumental Sunday” theme. Please enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.

23 Replies to “How I Came Up With The Name”

    1. Just a bit of good fortune on my part to remember that song in the first place, and it just fit. But yes, how could you go wrong with them? It still amazes me that George Clinton could have two different bands going at the same time with basically the same personnel.

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      1. A lot of it is underground these days. Mainstream R&B is not what it once was. I hear quite a bit of it, but I’m not all that impressed. Hell, these days there aren’t many R&B bands period. Certainly not many getting airplay on radio.

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      2. Once New Jack Swing and then when rap started showing up in R&B songs, it seems as though rap took over what was R&B in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, even today’s rap, at least to me, is less than what I grew up with, or at least through the mid-to-late ’90s. I don’t really listen to a lot of it now. Maybe because I grew up. πŸ™‚ lol

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      3. I hear ya. The original rappers were fantastic. I can’t say I’m a fan of what’s put out there now. Hip hop isn’t much better right now either. Eh. Give me some Gap Band, Funkadelic, The Godfather, Stax, Chess, Motown any day. Now I just sound like the old “Get off my lawn!” guy. Oh well. πŸ™‚

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  1. Sorry I’m a bit late for your morning but I’m sure your song is valid for the whole day πŸ™‚ Nice one T, enjoyed listening to it and I always enjoy your writing, Funky titles included. Perhaps you should try writing a poem one day. Interesting story about how you started and re-started your blog. I’ll tell mine one day. Enjoy the day further πŸ™‚ Chevvy

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    1. That’s fine, Chevvy, because yes it is valid for the whole day. It’s the Morning Groove, because over here it posts in the morning. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the compliment, and I’ve never really thought about writing a poem, though. But you never know…

      This is actually blog #3. I had a blog back in 2007 that I started that I thought would be this one, but it ended up being mostly about local sports, because a lot of people were interested in my writing about the local teams. From there I wrote for a sports site locally for a time, but I got tired of writing only about sports, so I started a second blog, but shut it down when my marriage ended.

      Hope you enjoy your the remainder of your day too! πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, Funkadelic is one of the great funk-rock bands ever. Love Maggot Brain also. Your comment makes me want to revisit that album again; it’s been awhile since I’ve heard the whole thing. I’ve played the title track a few times, love Eddie Hazel’s guitar playing on it.

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      1. Yes, the solo on Maggot Brain is often pegged as ‘sad’ because of its back story (which I’m sure you’re aware of – Clinton told Hazel to play as if he just found out that his mother passed away), but what I actually love about it is the cocktail of feelings it expresses, moving from one mood to another.

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