I’m Not Looking For Just An Affair

A few months ago, I heard what I thought was a familiar song. The beginning of the music that was playing sounded just like a song I know and love. But when the vocals I expected should have arrived, I heard this song instead (song begins at about the 1:12 mark):

Wait. Is that auto-tune? Whether it is or it isn’t, this song by Tory Lanez, called “Say It,” is NOT the Morning Groove for today.

In fact, I liked this song better when it was called “If You Love Me” by Brownstone. Way better, in fact. And that, my readers, IS the Morning Groove for today.

It isn’t that Lanez’s song is all bad; how can you go wrong sampling, or taking a hook from a classic? It’s just that the hook is a large part of it. The singing leaves me cold, but I guess that is what is hot in the streets these days. Brownstone, on the other hand, makes me clap my hands, sing along, and even two step on a good day. Or any day.

Sadly, after two more top ten R&B hits, Brownstone was no more. The first artists to sign to Michael Jackson’s label, differences within the group and the folding of the label pretty much ended their career. Since the breakup, lead singer Nicole Gilbert has been seen on the reality television series R&B Divas. Group member Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, sadly passed away under mysterious circumstances last year. I have no idea whatever happened to Monica Doby, who left the group not long after this song made it big.

It’s the Morning Groove for a Monday. Please enjoy, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

11 Replies to “I’m Not Looking For Just An Affair”

    1. Two (actually three) top tens, and maybe six overall, including a nice cover of the Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why”. But they only had two albums, and the label folded and they broke up.


    1. How big of an army do I have to spread around the globe to protect my trademark? How many cookouts, wedding receptions, and Soul Train lines will my minions have to stop? LOL…

      That said, I plan on two stepping for a long, long time! With or without a trademark…and thanks twin for the kind words!

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