Would You Kiss And Hold Me Tight?

I’d already been down to see her; I couldn’t wait for her to come and see me.

Months after we went our separate ways after college, we made plans to keep in touch, and see each other when we could. After a long period without a job, I found one with my local government office in my hometown. She had gone down to law school in Virginia. In the meantime, there were letters and phone calls (it was the late ’80s, after all).

Leading up to the visit, we made several calls to each other. And for some reason, I felt nerves. I was never nervous with her in person, but those calls, either when she called or when I did, they were ratcheted up. So much so, I would almost become physically sick and would have to put her on hold. But I would eventually get it together, and the calls would last for hours. The anticipation was working on me, for sure.

When she arrived, I could hardly believe my eyes; it was as if I hadn’t seen her before. She looked beautiful. After hugs and small talk, we did what we always did when we got together. We danced.

We danced all over the house.

It turned out to be a great visit…with promises for more and better.

And one of the songs we danced to is today’s Morning Groove.

Cathy Dennis did have a couple more hits as a singer (most notably a cover of Wish’s “Touch Me (All Night Long)”, but she became better known after she stopped singing as a songwriter. Some of the more notable hits she has had a hand in writing include “Toxic” for Britney Spears (which won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording), “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, and “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. I couldn’t tell you what happened to D Mob; I think they were one of a string of dance acts from the late ’80s-early ’90s that came and went quickly.

So “C’mon And Get My Love” is the Morning Groove for Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading and listening.

8 Replies to “Would You Kiss And Hold Me Tight?”

    1. Thank you twin! So glad our wonder twin powers are in sync again! Every now and then, I guess I gotta get crunk, but I can shake it off.

      I had the opportunity to see EWF and Chicago last night. It was an awesome show; I hope to have a post up about it by the weekend.

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