Don’t Say You Do, If I Know You Don’t

This one today begins with a little musical synchronicity.

Tuesday night I was out with some friends at the Earth, Wind & Fire/Chicago concert in Baltimore. Needless to say, there was little internet surfing going on except during breaks in the show (a post on this awesome concert is soon to appear here on the Process). When I got home early yesterday morning, I did a quick scan of my unread posts from other bloggers, when I saw this one called “Brass Junkie!” by my new blogger friend/musical wonder twin, Gwin at the seekthebestblog. Because the hour was so late, however, I didn’t read the post.

So, after I did my Morning Groove post yesterday, Gwin made a comment (a nice one, thanks), and I responded that I went to the show the night before. Well, she asked in her response if I had read her post from the night before. So I went to her blog and I read it. Twice. In that post linked above (and if you are a fan of brass sections, you owe it to yourself read it too), she stated that there was a video that existed that had the Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire horn sections blowing hard on the former’s “Beginnings.” Well, guess who saw that live while she was typing those very words? That’s right. Me.

So in my opening comment after reading her post, I suggested that she add Mandrill’s “Fencewalk” to her list of impressive brass sections. And it is that song which is today’s Morning Groove.

Fronted by the Panamanian born-Brooklyn bred Wilson Brothers (Carlos, Louis and Ric), Mandrill was a band that fused funk with jazz, rock, salsa, latin and soul music. Their songs covered a lot of musical territory. But for me, this fusion of funk and rock was my first taste of the band; and it also just so happened to be their biggest hit. And for Gwin, just listen to those horns—played by those same Wilson brothers.

It just seemed fitting to make this the Morning Groove for today—after the concert and that little bit of spooky musical serendipity between the written word and live action between bloggers. Enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

17 Replies to “Don’t Say You Do, If I Know You Don’t”

  1. Nice post, especially when you use my favourite words like synchronicity and serendipity, you haul me out:-) I popped in at Gwin’s blog and I just enjoyed what she had to say and how she said it – this is one time I wished I had an American accent y”all 🙂 Anyway Trumpet and Sax good enough for me though I don’t discriminate against drums and strings. So T – I’m looking forward to that post and wondering why you’d want to surf the net while you’re having fun at what sounds like an awesome show. I’m laughing all over here. Have a great day! Chevvy 🙂

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    1. Oh, thanks Chevvy. I guess we live in a connected generation. I’m trying to be better about it, but I still have a ways to go… and amazingly I saw people checking their phones while the bands were on stage!

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  2. Aww Twin! I think I am going to cry! What a wonderful and sweet post 🙂
    Can you believe that I am at a loss for words?

    Okay, you forced it! LOL 🙂
    There has to be something pretty amazing going on in the atmosphere to orchestrate such interconnectedness! I am still scratching my head.

    And yes, I dropped the ball by leaving this one off. This is much too tight! You can hear The Godfather’s influence big time.

    I love it twin! Thanks for the major shout out! Much love and light to you brah!

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    1. The pleasure is all mine! Thanks for the kind words…and after what had happened, you deserve the shout out!

      And if you are about to cry…I have plenty of kleenex…and there must be some serious dust in the room! 🙂

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