Flashback Friday: Lisa A. Returns

Bloggers note: the author of today’s guest post offered me the option to not run her take on one-hit wonders due to the untimely passing of Prince yesterday. I decided to go ahead and post it, because I felt that we need something upbeat to take our minds off the loss, plus I think even he would want the music to go on.

Late in the midnight hour, I did post a tribute to the musical legend. You can find it here

And without further ado, here is the post that was scheduled to run today. Thank you for reading.

A couple months ago, Lisa A. from the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog was the first Guest DJ for Flashback Friday. Today, she has returned for another appearance on Flashback Friday to give her take on the one-hit wonders week. In fact, the whole idea for this week was sparked in a conversation we had on another one of my music posts. The brief history of how this came to be can be found in this post from Monday.

So Lisa, the floor is yours. Do work!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying Tracy’s one-hit wonders week. I want to thank him for letting me guest DJ here on A Joyful Process for a second time. Today I’m including one-hit wonders whose songs were played at weddings and/or quinceañeras I’ve attended in the past. A quinceañera is a large birthday party that’s held for a Mexican, Hispanic or Latin American girl when she turns quiñce años (15 years old). Turning 15 years old in the Latino culture is when a girl officially becomes a woman. She’s able to start dating and wearing makeup. A quiñce is similar to a Sweet 16 celebration. The party is usually hosted by the girl’s parents. A traditional quinceañera includes three parts: a church mass, a reception dinner and a baile (dance).

A traditional quinceañera dance involves a court, which consists of a few male and female couples, along with the quince girl and her chambelan or partner. At the beginning of the dance, the court and the quince’s immediate family is introduced to everyone in attendance. The quiñce girl then has her first dance with her father. Afterwards, she has her first dance with her chambelan. She’s then presented with her first pair of high heel shoes by her parents and/or two lucky charms. The lucky charms are usually the quince girl’s younger sister, cousin or whichever small children they select. Afterwards, the court performs a dance for the family and friends in attendance. After their dance, the baile officially begins. After dancing for awhile, happy birthday and/or Las Mañanitas (a birthday song in Spanish that sometimes accompanies mariachis) is sang and the cake is cut. Las Mañanitas is sometimes sang to mothers on Mother’s Day. Going to these extravagant parties was the thing to do when I was in high school. In case you’re interested, I included a video of a typical quinceañera in this post. Without further ado, let’s get to the one-hit wonders dance music below:

I recall a lot of quince girls had their first dance with their fathers to this song (even though it says Sweet 16 and wedding day). It’s still a pretty song in 2016.

“Da Dip” was pretty popular when I was a teenager back in 1997. The song was also played on the radio A LOT!

If I remember correctly, this song is still being played at weddings these days! This song made its debut in 1995.

Another one from 1997! Can you believe I’m still listening to this one in 2016? LOL.


Although this song wasn’t played at quinceañeras too often (at least not that I can recall), I had the pleasure of interviewing Lil Rob around 11 years ago when I worked as a freelance writer. The San Diego native has several other songs, however “Summer Nights” made it on several music charts in 2005. Lil Rob is no stranger to El Paso. He’s performed at several clubs and low-rider shows in the past.

Thanks Lisa, for guesting once again. Be sure to check out Lisa’s blog for her interviews, her music choices and so much more. She has a great blog, but best of all, we’re blogging friends! If you have a song you want featured for Flashback Friday, or would like to guest post, feel free to let me know at twsmith555@outlook.com. You can choose a single song, or a group of songs, and it is not restricted by genre or style.

Thanks so much for reading and listening!

10 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Lisa A. Returns”

  1. I really enjoyed this post.. It was great learning about the ” quinceañera” The song butterfly kisses is a great song – reminds me of cold winter mornings when a particular local radio Played that song every morning as the wake up song when he ended his early morning show. Thanks Lisa and Tracy 🙂

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