Stories Behind Classic Songs, Part 7

A great post about “Candle In The Wind” – the story behind the original and the remake, and the author’s impressions about both.

Tangled Up In Music

1) Candle in the Wind was written about Marilyn Monroe

Elton John is a polarizing artist in that it really, really depends on what era of his you’re familiar with. If you grew up in the 80s or the 90s chances are you’ll see him as nothing more than dad-pop – safe, formulaic and totally uncool to like for anybody under 40. With a strong determination to follow every trend that’s popular and to give people exactly what they want. Would you believe it then that for the 70s people he meant the complete opposite? Sure, he was still ruling the charts; he was still a hit machine. But the hits were adventurous – he would always experiment with arrangements and had no problem with jumping from genre to genre. The melodies were memorable and the session musicians just the right fit for them. He was young and ambitious and got…

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