GrantLOVE: Prince Tribute Mid/Uptempo

From the Music To My Ears blog, here is a mix of Prince tunes that many may not be familiar with. These are some of the “lesser” songs that he put together; if you have heard enough of the iconic hits in the last few days, give this a spin.

GrantLOVE's Music To My Ears (MTME)

prince mid uptempo gifYou’ve heard all the hits. You’ve heard all the classic sounds and songs that made Prince the icon he became. I want to delve deeper into his catalog. When he wasn’t creating his own unique sound, Prince was experimenting with other sounds. House, Hip-Hop, Reggae, whatever the genre, he could lay a track and make it sound better than what was already out there. He could also spit some fierce lyrics while the NPG backed him with some dope beats. I hope you enjoy this journey though some of his lesser known masterpieces.



18 & Over

Sleep Around

The Human Body

Violet the Organ Grinder

Gangsta Glam

Sexy MotherFucker

Feel U Up

Erotic City

She’s Always in my Hair

Sex in the Summer




Don’t Play Me

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