Sunday Morning Dreamin’

After a long day yesterday, where I wrote virually nothing at all (except for a brief description of a post I reblogged from Tangled Up In Music), it’s time to ease into something for the Sunday instrumental Morning Groove.

I thought it only fitting that after last week where I featured a song from Santana called “Sueños” (Dreams), that I’d keep things in the dreamlike state for another week. This time around though, instead of the great Carlos Santana, I will feature two great jazz guitarists.

I’ve written a bit about George Benson already, and featured his cover of “Breezin'” a few weeks back. I also mentioned him in a Flashback Friday post about the Stevie Wonder song, “Another Star.” Earl Klugh, on the other hand, hasn’t appeared here yet. Much like Benson, he is another of my favorite jazz guitarists, but his approach is a bit different. Whereas Benson plays an electic guitar, Klugh performs on an acoustic one. While the sound may be a little different, it still sounds good to these ears, particularly on ballads.

About thirty years ago, the two got together for an album called Collaboration. On that album is a song that I have always liked, called “Dreamin'”. It never fails to set me at ease, and so I choose it for today’s Morning Groove. Below is a video of the two guitar masters playing the song together in concert. Both seem to be enjoying themselves.

Enjoy today’s morning groove, and as always thank you for reading and listening.

P.S. I also wanted to mention that the Tangled Up In Music blog also picked my Prince tribute post as one of his 5 Great Posts in the Sunday Roundup. If you are into music, his blog is a must-read. Take a look around anyway, you might find something you like! Thanks so much, Ovidiu for the shout-out; it is greatly appreciated!

15 Replies to “Sunday Morning Dreamin’”

  1. Your Sunday morning selection is very calming! Glad I read this before having some quiet me time of sipping coffee and reading! Nice accompaniment to my quiet time!

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  2. Hello Tracy – well it’s just after 4p.m. in my neck of the woods and this song is equally relaxing for a Sunday afternoon. Somehow. this song plucks at my heart strings – trying to remember what it reminds me of. Well done on the recognition for your piece on Prince which was so articulately passionate. You are really great at all the detail. Have a great Sunday!

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      1. Lol! Thank you T – I think I told you that we’ve booked to see George Benson on the 15th June. I haven’t decided yet, but there’s also the Manhattans and Regina Belle out in July – We’ll see:-)

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      2. Yes, you did tell me about the Benson show! I hope you enjoy it, I’m sure he will put on a great performance. I’ve never seen the Manhattans, but I did see Regina Belle years ago, she was great. I felt bad because she was the opening act that night and a lot of the crowd was milling around, not really paying attention to her performance.

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