The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head 3

First things first: no more Roman numerals for this series. I don’t want to get to number 80 and not remember what the letters are for the Roman numerals.

When your blog has the tagline “when stuff comes in, this is what comes out,” you are often dealing with a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff makes it to this blog in the form of the three hundred thirty-one posts (soon to be plus one) that have been published. But my mind is restless. There are plenty of things I could write about, but I either don’t have time, or I don’t flesh the ideas out enough to make it to publish. So what we have here is a kind of cleaning out of the junk drawer. Only the junk drawer is in my head.

  • Yesterday, I attended my first wine festival. The Savor Bowie 2016 Food, Wine & Music Festival in Bowie, Maryland was a good time, filled with plenty of good food, good wine and music. With only a few hours to spend there and the weather being a little uncooperative at the beginning (though it did clear up), there was only so much I could experience. I did visit several of the winery booths that offered samples of their wares (and going in, I was not much of a wine drinker), but after a few hours there, I
    My first wine purchase!

    began to learn the wines that I liked and what I didn’t. And I surpised myself by bringing a bottle home: from the Romano Winery in Prince George’s County, Md. I chose “Smitten,” a sweet white wine that wasn’t too sweet. I also liked their semi-sweet white wine, “Liberty” as well. As for the food, I got to sample several types of food, but eventually had fried chicken wings and fries from a barbecue booth that advertised pulled pork (which is what I wanted) but didn’t have any. 😦 And while we could hear the music from the local bands that played at both ends of the festival setup, we didn’t really watch any of them for any real length of time. The festival is also going on today as well; sadly I won’t be making the trip back to experience more of the great atmosphere that I encountered yesterday.

  • Three weeks now, and the Baltimore Orioles have already surprised me. How? By being in first place! Ok, I know, first place in April means nothing. But for a team that’s supposed to be at the back of the pack in what once was the beast of baseball, the American League East, I’ll take it. The starting pitching is still worrisome, and it doesn’t help that ESPN keeps reminding Oriole fans that we may have given up on Jake Arrieta (now of the Chicago Cubs) too soon, especially since he threw another no-hitter a few days ago. But the club can slug it out with just about any team in baseball; balls are flying around and out of baseball stadiums with some regularity so far this season. Maybe they will win a bunch of 9-8 slugfests, but they all count the same as the 2-1 pitcher’s duels, right? For now, I’ll just appreciate this view of the standings:
    AL East Standings
    Looking good! How ’bout Dem O’s, hon!


  • While the end of April has brung with it some beautiful weather recently, it has also brought along the highest concentration of pollen we have seen in Maryland in years. I certainly don’t remember seeing all the pollen dustings on cars quite as heavy as I have recently. For those of you who suffer with allergies when this time of year comes around, I feel for you. It can’t be easy dealing when the stuff is settling at such a high level. For me though, I’m just glad winter may finally be behind us. Early in the month we had near freezing temperatures at night, but those seem to be in the rear view mirror now. And the winter here wasn’t quite as bad as some predicted; there was that blizzard thing back in January, but no other really significant snowfall.
  • Finally, a thank you to all who have supported my blog in the last few months. I’ve been getting more readers and look-sees, which is nice, but the comments I get are what make the blog work for me. Yes, it’s nice to have your written words appreciated and complimented, and I thank those of you that have done that. It wasn’t always easy for me to accept those plaudits without talking them down to myself, saying that what I did wasn’t any good and by extension, I wasn’t very good. More importantly though, it feels like a little community here, and I like the folks who come by and like and say hello, and talk to me about the music I post, as well as other things that happen to get published. Again, thanks to you all. Rest assured, I appreciate and am grateful for every kind word you send my way.

20 Replies to “The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head 3”

  1. Yum wine and food! What a life! What? The Yankees are fourth place! Not that I care about baseball but I’m rooting for the Orioles for you. Football is another story though and you know that very well!

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    1. What a life? LOL…though the food was good and the wine tasted good too.

      Thanks for rooting for the Orioles. Anyone we can get on the bandwagon (whether or not they care about baseball) is fine with me. As for football, we have that little game in November that I know we’ll be talking about during the season! 🙂

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