The Voice: Season 10, Show 16

A few quick words about last night’s elimination show:

  • The bottom two featured Daniel Passino and Owen Danoff, who ended up there for the second week in a row. For their last chance to remain on the show, Passino chose to sing Nick Jonas’ “Jealous”, while Danoff went with Cam’s “Burning House.” It might have been closer had Danoff not flubbed the lyric due to his obvious nerves. This time, Danoff was the one set adrift, and Passino remains in the competition.

  • It appears after two weeks of audience voting, that Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera have the teams to beat. Both coaches got all three of their singers safe for the second consecutive week. Thanks to Daniel’s Instant Save, Pharrell Williams has his two remaining singers left, and Danoff’s exit means that Adam Levine’s team is down to two members.
  • Recapping the teams:
    • Team Blake: Mary Sarah, Adam Wakefield, Paxton Ingram
    • Team Christina: Alisan Porter, Nick Hagelin, Bryan Bautista
    • Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston, Daniel Passino
    • Team Adam: Laith Al-Saadi, Shalyah Fearing
  • There will be no recaps next week; I will be out of town for work related reasons. Therefore, it will be highly unlikely that I am near a television to watch the show or to catch it on delayed viewing. But I will be back the following week to write about the performers and how they fare.

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