A Brief Hiatus

First, I want to say thanks to all of you who have been checking out my little corner of the WordPress planet. It truly has been a pleasure going back and forth with folks, seeing them stopping by to read what I’ve put down over the course of the last few months, as well as engaging me when I’ve ventured to your spots as well.

I just want to say that for the next few days, I’m going to take a break from blogging. Not that I’m tired of it; no, I will be attending a conference for the day job in Arizona. So I don’t think that I’ll have a lot of time to blog while I am there. I do hope I will have time to visit your blogs and read and comment, so I won’t be totally off the grid, I just won’t be writing. At least that is the plan for now.

But as I often say, my mind is restless. Something may spark the synapses, and if it does and I have time, you may see a post. If you do, it won’t be a recap of The Voice. I’ve already said that there will be no posts about the show next week; it’s highly unlikely I will be parked in front of a television to watch.

I plan to return to the blog late next week, as it stands right now. We shall see what the days bring.

Again, thank you for reading, listening and engaging me with your comments.

T. Wayne myAvatar

21 Replies to “A Brief Hiatus”

  1. Hello Tracy. I smiled when I saw this post because I am guilty of taking many breaks and then blogging on the side. No need to follow my bad example. Enjoy your time away, miss us a little and come back with vim when you return. Best wishes. Chevvy

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    1. Oh yes, absolutely. Classes every day, with some time for some fun! Gonna go to Diamondbacks-Rockies on Sunday, and Uncle Kracker (I think) is playing Tuesday night at Chase Field, so I may be there for that also.

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