Flashback Friday: LoveStoned/I Think She Knows

I know, I’ve spent a lot of time in the 1970s this week. I had planned a week of 70s funk, loosely organized, but not necessarily named as such like one-hit wonders week was. Billy Paul’s death on Sunday kind of put that on hold for a day, but I did get three gems out for Tuesday through Thursday.

But today is Friday. It’s time to cut loose a bit. I went looking for something more recent. Today’s song isn’t all that old; barely a decade since it was released.

Not that I haven’t danced this week; I just never wrote about it. But today, I got me one that makes me want to dance.  Actually, I think it sounds like a song Prince would have done. That’s not saying it’s as great as anything he did, just that the sound of it reminds me of a song he could have done.

Thank you, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland for putting together this track. Those two seem to work well together; but this format was taken to extremes on The 20/20 Experience albums. Sometimes it worked and sometimes, not so much, but on this particular song, it works for me.

Don’t know about you, but I’m dancing my way into the weekend. In a bit, you’ll see why….so stay tuned. Enjoy today’s Flashback Friday song, and if you can, or you want to, or you need to…get your dance on! 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and listening!

17 Replies to “Flashback Friday: LoveStoned/I Think She Knows”

  1. Hello!!!
    I loved this whole CD… I believe every song on it was a master hit..
    The 20/20 I only heard it once and thought hey not bad bringing back the horns and full band bring back every section but let it breath don’t push it..So before I go on any further I would have to hear the whole cd again…
    BtW I love. LOVE musik.. <<< that's how I spell it lol..cause it's sick..lololol..I love being introduced to new musik of all kinds..I have seen you around on another blog so I decided to check ya out and boy oh boy I do love your blog ..So you may get sick of me but oh well you will have to deal with it while I enjoy it lol
    Anyways looking forward to reading more about you and learning more about you..I also noticed we have some friends in common : ) please don't believe everything they say about me lo…

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    1. Hello yourself! Good to see you and thank you for following my blog, and liking some posts!

      I agree with you…this CD was better than either 20/20 Experience one. If he had taken the best of both of them, then it would have been as good. As I think I said in the post, he made the songs much like he did with some of the ones on this CD, they were longer than they needed to be. In some cases it worked, and in others it didn’t.

      I am very glad you are here, and yes I was reading your blog and was about to click the follow button when I checked your comment 🙂 I can tell you are a music lover…and I can’t wait to see/read more from you. Thanks again for your comment and stopping by!

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      1. Hello again friend and great to see you again..You are most welcome and I thank you for the follow as well…
        I so agree with your take on the JT musik just like you said or what I make of it and I might have said it in the post lol that some he didn’t let breath long enough like lets see how much notes and tunes and this and that to cram in to make a song some we not aloud to B R E A T H.. then some way to long lets just keep going almost to try to get the longest song lol .Songs need to breath at times and some need to rest and some need to be heard but unheard ..To much of one thing is to much a lack of something and it won’t work.. it won’t be heard it is a balance vs chaos I call it lol..ying vs yang…..OK I have went overboard lol like I tend to do..you will see…lol..I sometimes never shut the hell up lol..
        See great minds think alike then ; )
        out of all these blogs I was on yours and you were on mind wow…and we followed each other at the same time..either way I am happy to have met you and happy to get to know you more…
        YES!! I love musik..I love to dance since I was kid… I loved the salt shaker song you picked but man come on the clean version …lol that’s like eating spaghetti out of a can … nah just playing with you but sang the dirty parts out loud anyway lolololol….
        Well my friend again please keep in touch as I will toooo… Thank you for such kind words…more hugggs

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      2. Haha! about Salt Shaker! Normally I would have put the dirty up, with a warning, but that time I was being considerate of the ladies. But I know quite a few that would have sung the dirty parts as loud as the guys!

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      3. lol…heck give no warning..keeps everyone on tip toes lol…
        awww such a gentleman thank you… but for me it wouldn’t have bothered me at all ..I am an open book and I don’t judge and life is to short and I hate it when my underwear gets up my azz unless it’s a thong lol but I do understand and you seem very kind and yes I am sure they are out singing the dirty parts louder than the guys like you said lol… I am surprised but I think I know they sung it out loud lol

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