The Placeholder

Two dudes, approaching what they think is an empty WordPress space.

Dude 1: “Go on, open the door. Doesn’t look like anyone is around.”

Dude 2: “I’m not opening nothing. You open the door, you want to go in bad enough.”

Dude 1: “Alright then, scaredy cat. Step aside.”

The door opens, and both dudes take a few steps in. Suddenly they hear a music box, playing “You Are My Sunshine.” Then some chanting and a blast of horns….and then…

I’m here! T. Wayne is here! (To paraphrase those Dayton, Ohio funksters known as Sun).

Oh, how else did you think I would come back? The Joyful Processor is back from his Phoenix adventures! Yes, I had a good time; perhaps one day I’ll explain how it went down. Or maybe not. I don’t know. But you knew some song would be playing, right?

What I do know is that this is a placeholder. I’ll have something to post soon…although I guess I just posted something after all, didn’t I? Meanwhile, get down and get ready to groove with Sun (whoo! whoo!)!

See y’all in a while…

17 Replies to “The Placeholder”

    1. Thank you, Chevvy. I am glad to be back, and I managed not to post while out of town; even as I liked and commented on other’s posts. I really did not have an urge to write anything at all, which surprised me a bit, but I am glad I held off for a while. A little break was in order.

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      1. Hey Tracy, hope you had some time for some fun at your conference. If you look at my travel posts abroad, most of them were linked to work related travel where I’d book an extra day to see the place – wouldn’t afford all the travelling on my own budget alone. I think it’s good to take a break and even stand back for a while to work out what you want to do. Still, I’m glad to have my music buddy back:-)

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