Mama’s Call

I will start this post by wishing all of my readers who are mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness. I would also like to wish the grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and other “stand in the gap” mothers a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

One thing we don’t get to hear much of these days is an instrumental by Stevie Wonder. Come to think of it, we haven’t heard much in the way of new music from Wonder lately either. But to me, that’s fine; given what he’s already given us in a career that began when he was twelve years old, I don’t think we’ll run out of gems to listen to from his impressive list of songs.

One of his lesser known, and perhaps one of the few songs that features him primarily on harmonica rather than singing, is “Easy Goin’ Evening (My Mama’ Call)” which was on the Songs In The Key Of Life album. Because today is Mother’s Day, and because I usually put an instrumental up as the Morning Groove for Sunday, I have chosen this song for today.

A few years ago on my previous blog, I wrote a letter to my mother as part of the WordPress Daily Post. I have reproduced the letter here. It was written about three years ago, not long after my wife and I split up. Re-reading the letter reminds me of where I was at that time. Thankfully, I can look back and say things are better for me now than they were then.

Dear Mom,

Hi! It’s your son. On this Mother’s Day I want you to know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do for me. Even though I have been a grown man for a long time, I never tire of hearing you tell me that you are proud of me and are in support of me. Especially as I face the great unknown in my future.

As you know, the last few years have not been the greatest for me. I have had several setbacks; and may have more to come in the future. Yet you are still there, telling me you will be there for me, to help me in any way you can. If anything, our roles should be reversed-I should be doing more to help you, to visit more often and talk to you more often. In many ways, you have now become my best friend. When others ignore me, or turn their backs away, you are there. They say you can always go home again-and I should. Even though I don’t live in your home anymore, wherever you are, that is home to me.

There may be difficult days ahead for me. I may not be as cheerful as I could be, because I get anxious about how things will play out. You always remind me to keep praying, and be patient. That God will work things out for my good and that everyone goes through struggles. I’m sure you went through your share, raising my sister and me as a single parent. Yes, you had help from our grandmother for a time, but when she passed, it was mostly you. Even when things look bleak-and they haven’t looked as bleak as they do now, you tell me to keep my head up. I have to tell you though, it is so hard to stay positive and keep the faith when it seems I am always bombarded with bad news. This may be the first time in my life where I have had to deal with adversity in any real way. But with your support, love, guidance and prayers, I know that I will get through. It may not be as soon as I would like, but it will happen.

Thank you for being there for me, for believing in me and for supporting me. Through the good times, and especially through these tough times I am going through now, I appreciate now more than ever those three things. Because they are the greatest gifts that you have ever given me, and I appreciate them more now that I’m older than any other birthday gift or Christmas present I ever received-and they have lasted throughout my time here.  So Happy Mother’s Day, and forever and always, I love you.

Your son,


So to my mom, Happy Mother’s Day also. And thank you.

And to all of you, thanks for reading and listening, as always.

Me and Mom
Mom and the Joyful Processor.

22 Replies to “Mama’s Call”

  1. Your Mom has raised a great man T. Wayne! I hope you do know that. What a special letter you’ve shared with us. Look at how far you’ve come? You seem happy in life right now. I hope it continues and your Mom is beautiful. You’re pretty handsome yourself. I hope your Mom has a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Lennon, thank you so much! I am so blessed for my Mom, and thanks for the kind words! Things are good and getting better; I really can’t complain. That letter, I was feeling a bit down when I wrote it, but I felt better once it was finished. Thanks again!

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  2. T.

    You have brought me to tears with the post. Thanks man! Nothing like tears to keep you happy! Just kidding 🙂

    I don’t know where to start but I shall try:

    First, as a mother I can say that we never get tired of being the cheerleader and comforter for our children. Clearly your mother has shown you that this is true.

    Also, I am reading your letter and I know it is the past tense but it is very relevant to my own life as of late. You offer hope that things do turn around for the better.

    Finally, I LOVE the shot of you and ‘mom.’ You favor her quite a bit! Continue to cherish her and treat her well because there are so many of us who can only reminisce.

    Peace, love and light to you my friend,

    BTW I read your interview with Lisa A . How is that maritime museum in your neck of the woods? I love that kinda stuff. I love anything to do with maritime stuff and time (you know, like Greenwich, England?). I’ll admit it, I am a real nerd!

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    1. Aww…so glad you liked this. I’m glad the letter gives you hope…hope was what I needed then and my mom wouldn’t let me lose it. And you shouldn’t either. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but it’s always there.

      That Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about life on the water, boatbuilding, and many other things about the watermen and the history of the town being at one time an important port. There’s also a lighthouse you can take a tour of and many, many exhibits. They also have some special events there too. Here’s the link to the Museum:

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      1. Great Scott!!!!
        Coming up that way is very possible. My best friend just moved to Virginia, she’s about 16 miles from DC. Though I am not looking at a map, I imagine that this museum is not terribly far away from her.

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