Jam It Or Slam It? : Maxwell

In an effort to feature some new music, I’ve created Jam It Or Slam It, where I will post some new singles and attempt to gauge reaction to the songs.

In recognition of his twenty years on the music scene (his first album, Urban Hang Suite, was released in 1996), the first artist I will feature is Maxwell. Those of you who are familiar with Maxwell may remember that he promised a trilogy of albums, entitled Blacksummersnight way back in 2009. The Black part of the trilogy was released at that time and featured the songs “Pretty Wings” and “Bad Habits”. And then we waited…but the second album (Summers) is expected to come out this year. After a seven year wait, he has finally released some new music (though it has been out for a month now), a single called “Lake By The Ocean.” It’s a mid-tempo song that doesn’t really go anywhere, but if you have been craving new music from Maxwell, it just might hit the spot.



17 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It? : Maxwell”

    1. I’ve seen the Breakfast Club, with Charlemagne and whoever else is in there, but I haven’t seen the interview with Maxwell. He’s another artist who believes in not releasing anything until it’s time. It’s been seven years now…

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  1. Oh yeah I am game to jam or slam! Masterful idea my friend!

    As seen on the Temptations Mini series:
    During the Motown song selection process, Barry Gordy would ask his staff if they would buy the record or a sandwich if they only had enough money to get one or the other.

    I’d buy the sandwich.

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      1. I really liked his very first CD but I haven’t really been checking for him since. I don’t know why. Everything, save one or two songs, after the first CD was just meh to me!
        Please don’t banish me for saying that twin. LOL!

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