An Anniversary And New Music From De La Soul

I received an email from De La Soul that landed in my inbox at 3:58 AM this morning to tell me that their second album, De La Soul Is Dead, was released twenty-five years ago yesterday. I can remember the grumbling about how De La Soul’s second album was nothing like the breakthrough that the debut, 3 Feet High & Rising was two years ago. To celebrate the milestone, the group has created two memorial sites in New York City, as well as a memorial website. As stated in the email:

To celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary, we’ve assembled memorials in NYC at two locations that are very meaningful to the creation of this historic album.  The first location is 298 Elizabeth Street where Russell Simmons (our old manager) had his Rush Management office.  That’s where the album title De La Soul Is Dead came to life.  The second location, 37th Street & 8th Avenue, is where Calliope Recording Studios once thrived and where most of the Dead album was mixed & recorded.

de la soul memorial

We welcome you to visit these locations and contribute a candle, card, flower, balloon, etc. or you can also simply post this pic on your social media outlets with hashtag #delasoulisdead.

This album brings back so many good memories for us, we hope these songs provided a good soundtrack for your life as well. Show your appreciation and support the life of the culture and it’s classic albums.

Please visit the memorial website we’ve created and relive this album with us.  Sign our memorial, then listen to the album on the site.  Let us know that Hip Hop will not be not forgotten!

Be a part of the legacy.

DLS… Remain In Peace.

If you need reminders of a couple songs from the album, here you go:

The email also finds the group about to release a new album in August entitled …and the Anonymous Nobody; in the meantime they have released an EP which is called For Your Pain & Suffering, which is available at Soundcloud. There are two skits and two songs on the EP, the lead single for the new album, “Trainwreck” is also included (EP is not worksafe):

In my recent post about rap, I didn’t mention De La Soul. But I am glad to see they are out here still doing it for hip hop that I remember well. They still sound good to these ears, too.

If you still don’t remember them, here is their first hit, “Me, Myself & I” (complete with sample of “(Not Just) Knee Deep” by Funkadelic:

8 Replies to “An Anniversary And New Music From De La Soul”

  1. Love, love, love de la Soul! I think “de la Soul is dead” really does stand the test of time … maybe 25 years on, it’s grown on you. I can’t believe it’s 25 years old (which means that I must be … uh, errr … yikes … alittle older than that!) Can’t wait for their new album! whoo!

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    1. It does! I liked it back then too, but it did have to grow on me. Makes me glad I’m on the mailing list, and to see them still around. I’d rather hear what they put out than just about anything I hear on the radio these days.


  2. What a unique publicity thingy! LOL!

    I really liked De la soul because they were a breath of fresh air. Me, myself and I was really good but I also like the one where they kept referring to this dude named ‘Jimmy’ and his hat! ROTFLMAO.
    Can you dig?

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