Keep What You Got Until You Get What You Need, Y’all

The title of today’s Morning Groove post is a lyric taken from Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers’ biggest hit, “Bustin’ Loose.” This song is considered the foundation of the music known as go-go, a sound that Brown created and nurtured and in time he became its worldwide ambassador. From this song, the sound grew around the city of Washington, DC, where it is considered the sound of the city and the surrounding area. Below are some of the many Chuck Brown go-go classics.

Today is a big day in the nation’s capital: it marks the fourth year since Brown passed away. There have been events throughout the past weekend, with a concert Saturday night honoring Brown featuring his band, still carrying the torch; also on the bill were go-go stalwarts the Junkyard Band and Experience Unlimited (EU) with longtime leader Sugar Bear. In addition, Friday was celebrated as the first Go-Go New Music Day, featuring new songs from many of the music practitioners, including the Brown Band, Back Yard Band, Junkyard Band, Be’la Dona, Michelle Blackwell, Team Familiar, DJ Flexx and others. Back Yard Band had released a new album last month, and longtime go-go leaders Rare Essence just released its new album, Turn It Up back on May 6th, giving fans of the music a wealth of new material all at one time.

Below, new music from the Chuck Brown Band and Rare Essence:

While the music may not necessarily be thriving outside of the DC area, and while others may say that it is dying off, this wealth of new material seems to mean that go-go is going to keep on keepin’ on. Before Chuck Brown died, he made a point to mentor many of the leaders of the bands that came behind him, and always made sure to tell them to keep the music going on even beyond him. It looks as though the groups are going to do just that, especially if the crowds keep coming out and fans keep supporting the music.

So today’s Morning Groove turned into Morning Grooves. At any rate, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.

8 Replies to “Keep What You Got Until You Get What You Need, Y’all”

  1. I shoulda known you were cooking up something good! Wow!

    Geez, I can’t believe that CB has been gone that long.

    By the way, even though go-go is specific to the DMV area, I agree with your point that it’s not going to die off.

    Some well known artist will expose it to the masses like Salt and Pepa / EU did with “Shake your thang.”

    Okay T before you start giving me side eye realize that I understand that “Shake your thang” is go-go lite but it did bring awareness to that ‘genre.’

    As for me, I already knew what go-go was because I had relatives and close family friends in the area. But a lot of folks down South had not a clue. That said, once they heard that call and response and the percussion, they loved it!

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents!

    Excellent tribute twin!

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    1. I’m going to keep an eye and an ear on it. Just to see if the latest round of new songs sparks something.

      Thanks for the reminder about Salt N Pepa! Kid & Play did “Rollin’ With Kid & Play” around that time too.

      Yeah I was thinking about him being gone and couldn’t believe it had been that long, either. It’s a good thing that his band is keeping the flame alive with the annual concert and the music.

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      1. Hey Twin:
        It will be interesting to see if anybody picks it up.
        I know the others that he played with and mentored are out there but I can tell you one thing, there ain’t but one Chuck Brown and he can’t even be replaced! 🙂

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      2. One person I do see out and about spreading the word is Anwan “Big G” Glover of the Back Yard Band. He was recently on Hot97 in New York talking to Peter Rosenberg (recently being about a month ago) about GoGo. He was also on The Wire as Slim Charles years ago, so he’s doing some acting too.

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