And You Leave Me Making Me Blue

Because of the anniversary of Chuck Brown’s death yesterday, the Morning Groove missed another big milestone. Yesterday, Janet Jackson turned 50. That’s right. Fifty years old, or young, depending on your perspective. For me, it’s just another reminder that Janet will always be older than me. Two months, give or take a few days, but who’s counting? Well, I guess I am.

I know in an earlier post, I discussed whether or not Janet was a better singer than Whitney Houston. That point having been decided, this post is to celebrate an artist that in any other family might be the greatest entertainer in the bloodline. That’s not a knock on Janet, that’s just the facts. As talented as she is and as many millions of records as she has sold, she has a long way to go to catch Michael. That said, what Janet does, she does very well. She has been doing it for over thirty years now; closer to forty if you include the years she was primarily an actress (“Penny” in Good Times and “Charlene” in Diff’rent Strokes come to mind; she was also in the TV series based on the movie Fame). 

But if we’re going to discuss her singing career: does anyone remember before the Control album set the world on fire, that Janet released two albums that contained not one Pop top 10 hit? Sure, there were two R&B top tens (“Young Love” from her self-titled debut album, and “Don’t Stand Another Chance” from Dream Street if you’re keeping score), but no big hits. Once she annulled her marriage to James DeBarge, changed management and got together with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, one of the greatest production teams of all-time, not just the 1980s, the hits began to come in waves.

It’s hard to believe now, but Control has been out now for thirty years. The songs from that album have become iconic; if you had a copy of that album back in the day, you know the album from start to finish. Or at least I do. Since I’m keeping stats in this post, let’s name those memorable songs: six top ten R&B hits (“What Have You Done For Me Lately,” “Nasty,” “When I Think Of You,” “Control,” “Let’s Wait Awhile,” and “The Pleasure Principle”—the only one of those to not make the Pop top ten), one quiet storm mainstay (“Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)”), and millions of albums sold. Needless to say, Ms. Jackson was on her way.

Today, I’ve chosen as the Morning Groove the only hit from that list above to make #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and the only one to miss #1 on the R&B Singles chart), “When I Think Of You.”

Watching this video when writing this post reminded me of so many memories; the choreography (by one Paula Abdul), the hair (so 80s!), and not the least of which was my crush on Janet in those days. Last year, she released her first album of new music in almost ten years, Unbreakable. While I wouldn’t call it a classic return to form, it was solid; thankfully she toned down the raunch that threatened to overrun quite of few of the albums prior to Unbreakable.

If you have a favorite Janet Jackson song from Control or any of her albums, leave it in the comments. As always, please enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and thanks for reading and listening.

33 Replies to “And You Leave Me Making Me Blue”

  1. Yeah, she’ll never be better than MJ. I don’t like her that much but…I like her more than Whitney Houston. My sister was pissed because she bought tickets for her concert and they won’t give her the cash back. She’ll have to pick another event to attend. That’s kind of messed up but I guess.


      1. This is true! I guess my job has some perks! They don’t give us the tickets for free anymore. They tax us on our check 😑 It’s less than paying for them though.

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  2. Hi T. – I’m just dropping by to say hello and yeah – interested that you once had a crush on Janet 🙂 I’m afraid I never followed her much so don’t have an opinion on her music. Too many stars ahead of her on my list but happy birthday to her anyway.

    Now may I invite you to come and contribute to the conversations on my bog with Gwin, I’ve reserved a special seat for you there or you can dance on the table if you like:-) Best . Chevvy.

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  3. Now Twin….you know good and doggone well Lady G knows the pre-Control Janet! I used to like “Young Love!” Like you though, I just tolerated the fact that this poor child could barely sing. But what an entertainer she was/is! Happy 50th girl! Remind me to wish you the same in coming months! LOL!

    You may already know this from my blog but her mom is from the same place as my parents! So is Stevie Wonder’s mom–go figure! Must have been something in the water down there in LA (Lower Alabama).

    I have to say that my faves from her are
    Someday is tonight
    Anytime, Anyplace
    Funny how time flies

    Then there’s this oft missed one by her. I remember it well–Summer ’93 I think! Jammed it to death!

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    1. Yes, definitely overlooked, that one is!

      See, Twin, I knew you would be one of the few who would remember those pre-Control days! My song was “Come Give Your Love To Me”, and if you catch me at a certain time, you might see me get a “Carlton” dance on to it. LOL

      I see you’re a fan of those slow steamy Janet cuts. Mmhmmm….noted. LOL

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  4. Amazing post…As always I enjoy them all…
    But Janet Jackson oh my YEAH I LOVE THAT GURL LOL..KEEP THE RAUNCH GURL lol I understand where you come from with it just getting to the point of overboard for sure…I used to love watching her on all those shows that you named omg ok I feel old now….ugg .. I love almost all her songs especially the dance tracks hey I am a former dancer ok always be a dancer lol..just my body wants to quit but I SAY OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!.. I did have her first album I believe ..Can’t remember having fibro fog lately ..Yes, please not let us forget what I always call the B side of her the jam above..omg….I do wish that her and Michael would have done more songs together since they would have pushed each other even more it would have been very epic piece of dance work I am sure of….I even love her in her movies that she has been in that gurl can act….I don’t understand getting pregnant at that age and at tour time nope don’t get it ..unless ops the condom broke or we use the pull out method or hey let’s not use anything it won’t happen…gesh….imma thinking after her having a baby she will show up and off that hot new body and then begin her tour all new again you know her abs and fit as hell body this way it does give her extra time to get into better shape…The only thing that makes me think that they have been trying to have a baby and failed before is that in her video she said she is on bed rest so early on is a scary sound coming from a person that used to be in the medical field..So she might have a hard time getting pregnant and this was a one time shot?? hell what do I know lol…Anyways I would have to go back and hear all her songs to name a favorite dang what a task at hand lol I just might hit up youtube or spotify or a few Cd’s that I may still have lost most of my musik collection when I left an azzhole it was azzhole number 1 and 2 ..won’t have another marriage so I won’t have another azzhole …and now I will shut up and listen to the above jams again…yes gotta love the 80’s hair ….I miss the 80’s musik today…and well everyday..The music they have today is not Musik to me…jmo….

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    1. Suzette. Suzette! This comment though…it has everything! I love it! admit I like her dance songs too.

      So so glad you liked this post! I can tell you are a HUGE Janet fan. She is a great, great entertainer for sure. And I am also glad you understand what I meant about the raunch…I don’t really mind it, but when you do it for six, seven albums straight it gets kinda old! LOL

      Take care, and don’t stop dancing! 🙂

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      1. Aw thank you so much I really mean that..thank you!!!! and yes I did love this post of yours…yes I love her just never got to see her and probably never will but hey that is ok I have youtube lol…
        Yes I understand what you said about the raunch yeah I don’t mind it either after all sex sells but enough is enough let the musik play(hey that’s a good song too lol………and sing gurl sing…lol
        This gurl will never stop dancing I promise you that no matter how ill I get lol
        thank you and you take care as well my friend…

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