Jam It Or Slam It?: Alicia Keys

For my next Jam It Or Slam It?, I’m going with someone who hasn’t released new music in four years, as opposed to the seven that Maxwell made his fans wait. However, Maxwell made his way onto this artist’s last album for a pretty good duet , “Fire We Make.”

Anyway, fresh from performing this song on The Voice just this evening, here is soon to be new Voice coach Alicia Keys with her new song “In Common.”

I’m gonna admit, I kind of dig it.  I certainly liked it better than “Girl On Fire,” but that’s just me. But what say you? Jam It Or Slam It?

21 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It?: Alicia Keys”

  1. Um…Twin..
    Well.. Er..
    Imma need to hear it about 25 more times before I can say that I like it.

    It’s not bad at all but as I said on Maxwell’s song, if given a choice to buy one or the other I think I would buy the sandwich.

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    1. I like that it’s something a bit different for her. I was never a big fan of “Girl On Fire,” or the album it came from either. But this, the more I play it the more I like it. So far, anyway.

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