The Voice: Season 10, Show 22

A few words about last night’s show, or how they split the field in half for the finals:

  • The format was interesting for the show. America saved three of the final eight, three more would compete for the final spot, and the remaining two were cut adrift midway through the show. So…the viewing public saved Adam Wakefield, Alisan Porter and Hannah Huston. Hannah? Really? Yes, really. I figured her spot was going to Laith Al-Saadi, but it wasn’t to be.
  • That left Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah, Bryan Bautista, Shalyah Fearing and yes, Laith Al-Saadi to be chosen among the three that would perform for the last spot in next week’s finals. Carson then read that Mary Sarah, Bryan Bautista and Laith Al-Saadi would perform for the Instant Save, while goodbyes were given to Paxton Ingram and Shalyah Fearing.
  • As for those performances, this was an easy call. Once Laith whipped out the guitar and shredded all over Bob Dylan by way of Jimi Hendrix’s  “All Along The Watchtower,” it was a wrap. That guitar did get him to the finals, much as I predicted it would a few weeks back. Mary Sarah and Bryan were both too nervous on their versions of Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” and Miguel’s “Adorn,” respectively. Even if they had the performances of their lives, they weren’t going to beat Laith.

So as we get ready for the last two shows of Season 10, it’s interesting to note that each coach has an artist in the finals. Here’s a recap of who’s left:

  • Team Blake (Shelton): Adam Wakefield
  • Team Christina (Aguilera): Alisan Porter
  • Team Pharrell (Williams): Hannah Huston
  • Team Adam (Levine): Laith Al-Saadi

I still say it’s Alisan’s to lose, with Adam in a firm second. Laith is my third choice with Hannah back at the rear. But funny things can happen on a show like this. Stay tuned for next week!

6 Replies to “The Voice: Season 10, Show 22”

    1. I’ve learned to appreciate his talents, but I always thought they overpraised his guitar playing. The show is called The Voice for a reason, and if the guitar were a contestant, it would probably win hands down. LOL

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      1. He does, but most of the compliments were guitar based. It was seemingly always great guitar playing, then the singing as an afterthought. When Adam played the piano week after week, you never heard one of them say what a great piano player he was. LOL

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