You Put A Run In My Walk

I had to be the maddest twelve-year-old on the planet.

Day after day, I listened to the radio, waiting to hear the song that is today’s Morning Groove. Day after day, the station would play it—but more times than not, it was the edited version. And day after day, I would get heated. Even now, as a grown man, I still tend to frown my face when the song fades out during what I consider the best part of the song. What part is that? The drum break that starts right after the 3:00 minute mark.

What part of the game is that? Anyone who has heard “Holy Ghost” by the Bar-Kays knows that the fun is just getting started when the drum break kicks in. If you want to hear this funk monster set it off right, you’ve got to play the long version. There’s no need for vocals after that awesome drum part. Just let the Bar-Kays do their work. When that version plays, I still my frown my face—but in a good way.

The Bar-Kays had been through plenty by the time “Holy Ghost” was released. The original band was the backup band for Otis Redding; most of its members perished with him in a plane crash late in 1967. The reformed Bar-Kays then worked with Isaac Hayes for a time while making their own music, when the label they were signed to, Stax Records, went under in the mid-70s. After signing with Mercury Records, the group started finding some success and by the time today’s song was released, they were touring with the likes of Parliament-Funkadelic. In the last of the existence of Stax, the label found some shelved recordings the Bar-Kays had made while they were on the label, released an album called Money Talks, and released “Holy Ghost” as a single. The Bar-Kays got themselves a smash hit out of it, one of the greatest funk songs of all-time.

Today, I’m clearly feeling funky. And as funk tunes go, they don’t get much funkier than this. Enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

20 Replies to “You Put A Run In My Walk”

    1. Glad you liked it! The history behind the rise and fall of Stax Records would take a whole series of posts. There were some great highs the label reached, and some amazing artists. But the death of Otis Redding, the sale or giveaway of Sam and Dave from Stax to Atlantic Records, and some gambles in the 70s that didn’t quite work out, all helped cause the demise of the great label out of Memphis. Good thing the Bar-Kays perservered through all of that.

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  1. Hey T. I’m just saying Hi. Don’t know too much about Funk but clearly it gets your feet moving. I’m always just amazed at how much and what you know about music and also the age you cite that you were listening to all this stuff. I can’t recount the details that way. Just feel like I was born with music in my blood. Maybe if all our circumstances were different or in our next lives, we ought to be musicians. What say you? 🙂

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    1. I’m always amazed at what memories I can dredge up when it comes to some of these songs and when I remember hearing them. I guess music has always played a part in the particular time and space when I heard it. Thank you Chevvy for your compliments!

      As for being a musician? Maybe Next Lifetime, as Erykah Badu would sing…

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      1. Lovely to see you T. I’ve been missing you. Yeah I think there are lives between lives. So it was either in our former lives or future ones that the evolution happened or will happen but you definitely have talent and memory for music. Hope your day is treating you well:-) Btw – if you’ve seen the dream trip I’ve been chatting with Lady G about – you are her twin – you wanna pack a suitcase or tell me where you’d to go😀

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  2. Hello and good morning to you my friend
    I hope this morning is treating you good and your day is a wonderful one…
    Nope I have no idea who this group is but I agree with you that drum break OMG!! they should have made it longer lol I really enjoyed this and a new one for me so thank you my friend.. I hated the wait on the radio for a favorite song since I could only afford maybe a record a month……So I lived with the radio playing I would go to bed with my boom box yeah I said boom box in bed with me next to my head playing as I drifted off to never, never land lol…
    Thank you for the funk n groove ..

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    1. Hi Suzette! My day is going fine so far. So glad I could introduce you to another one of my favorites, and so glad you agree that the drum break is AWESOME!

      Yes those days where we had to wait for hours to hear our favorites was agonizing…I remember having one of those tape recorders to tape the songs from the radio onto cassettes, and I always hated when the DJ talked over the intro! I didn’t go to bed with the boom box, but I did always have a radio beside my bed when I was a kid, and some nights I would stay up late to hear songs knowing I had school the next day. Maybe that’s why I have the music bug today…

      Thanks for your comment as always, my friend!

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      1. AW that is AMAZING TO HEAR!!! yes thank you I love to hear and learn new to me musik …so thank you again my friend..OMG YES THAT DRUM BREAK IS KILLER!!! OMG I TOO WOULD GET SO UPSET WHEN THE DJ DID THAT AS WELL…OH THE GOOD TIME HUH LMAO…I would wait n wait for that one song to come on just to record it to have the dj ruin it for me damn now I am upset at this time hahah ..or at the end of the song they would cut it short..yes even today musik will play at night but the lil radio is broke so not as of today lol sometimes just put the tv on the musik stations and leave it on all night and day …I just can never find one station that I could listen to all day long I am always changing the station during the day or now i have been going on spotify during the day too…
        Well thank you and I enjoy your blog post and site…thank you for allowing my sometimes long azz comments lol I like it at your place lolol..

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      2. No need to apologize for you comments; you can go on and on and on and on if you like! I truly appreciate that you take the time to comment…some of what you say is sweet, and some is laugh out loud funny! I enjoy reading every word.

        Again, thanks!

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      3. Thank you for such kind words and the huge welcome to your post… i love to laugh and say what ever comes to my mind(can be scary at times lol) .. if i can make someone laugh all the better… .well thank you again and love your site i really enjoy it so don’t ever stop….Hugggggs

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