Jam It Or Slam It?: Tito Jackson

As part of my blogging mission, I feel it is my duty to inform you when a singer with the last name of Jackson has new music out.

Well…not really part of my mission. I saw it, I thought it was interesting, I blogged about it. That’s pretty much the whole gamut of reasoning right there.

Since the title gives it away, yes it is Tito—not a Janet single from her last album, nor something from Michael that was kept in the vaults unreleased for years—but the one Jackson that mostly functioned as the butt of jokes, or played his guitar in the background while his brothers—one in particular—stood out.

It’s not like Tito hasn’t taken the microphone on record before; as one example, he did sing “We Can Change The World” on the Jacksons Victory album years ago. But now, we have new music from him: a single called “Get It Baby.”

Color me surprised to hear that he even was putting out any music, let alone something like this. It’s not bad; but I don’t know that I’ll be adding it, or anything from his upcoming album, Tito Time, when it is released in the fall.

But how do you feel about Tito’s work? Will you jam it, or slam it?

A hat tip to Lady G from Seekthebestblog by way of the great Berry Gordy for the parentheticals on the poll responses! I think I’ll be using them for the ensuing “Jam It Or Slam It” posts going forward.

29 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It?: Tito Jackson”

  1. Yeah I am kinda hungry…lol..
    Just sounds like the rest of the pop songs out there on today’s radio..Nothing stood out for me..Sorry jmo lol…
    Hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday my dear friend!!!!

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    1. Hi Suzette! No need to apologize if you don’t like it! Just Slam It! in the poll!

      I post these songs to gauge other’s opinions of them, not to validate what I think LOL. Besides, we can’t all agree on everything anyway 🙂

      And yes, I am having a good Sunday, even though it has rained or looked dreary here in Maryland all weekend long, though that has given me time to pause, reflect and relax. Something we all need to do from time to time. Hope your Sunday is going well also, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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      1. Well thank you for clearing that up I just didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings that is why I put jmo lol..But I understand now ..no holds bar lololol..How I usually am lol..I did enjoy the poll thought it was funny with the ham sandwich ; ) Glad to hear that your Sunday is treating you good oh I understand about the rain here in Texas that’s all it has done..Very tired of it..Yes, I agree we all need that “me time” that is what I call it..And that is what I am working on since I have a lot on my plate like so many others we forget to do like you said…WE NEED THAT TIME…Yuppers Sunday is treating me OK thank you ..Hey I did a new post about Die Devil Die this is my first real writing piece from my soul, heart the whole me into it…I would really appreciate your comment and feedback if you have the time?? Let me know what you think I value your opinion…

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      2. I will definitely take a look at it, Suzette! I don’t think Tito’s representatives will come through and say anything…it’s just an opinion poll. Feel free to dislike things, I know everyone has an opinion and I’m asking for it with the poll! LOL

        Thanks as always for the hugs!

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      3. Well I thank you for your time.. : ) and no I don’t think so lmfao.. And if by chance he did I would tell him sorry hun but that song just nothing stands out nothing catches my ears and again sounds like all the rest of the songs that are playing on the radio today..nothing special …Oh yes I will for sure put my 2 cents in..I usually do I think it just caught me off guard or something since I usually speak my mind..maybe I thought the boogie man was gonna get me for a second lol…
        No problem at all I love giving huggggss out…
        again thank you..
        more hugggggs to you my friend

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  2. First, thanks for the nod! 😉

    Ok so you know I thought you were joking when you said Tito Jackson had new music out. I thought he was pretty cool just being a well respected guitar player doing sessions with other artists.

    Anyway, it’s really not bad at all. It’s just meh! LOL!

    Leave it to my twin to dig up some new Tito Jackson 🙂 To quote my homeboy TI: “They should call (you) candle guy simply ’cause (you are) on fire!”

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    1. I thought it was a joke too, until I read the article at Soul Tracks! I’m with you though, it’s not bad, just meh. But I had to recognize his effort, because who among us was expecting new music from Tito?

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  3. It’s alright. I’m in between meh and I’d rather buy a ham (make it a turkey or meatball sub instead from Subway) sandwich. Speaking of sandwiches, I think I know what I want to eat for lunch now! I definitely wouldn’t spend a dime on this. Lol. Thanks for sharing the song, Tracy!

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