Please Take Me With You

I discovered Russ Freeman and his band, the Rippingtons, through Jazziz magazine. I had read a review for one of their albums and was intrigued enough to go get it. And, as I tend to do if I like something, I’ll start looking for other works by the group. Armed as I was with membership in the Columbia House Music Club, I managed to get all of their preceding albums. The one that I liked the most was Curves Ahead. And from that album, I’ve taken today’s selection for today’s Morning Groove.

“Take Me With You” is one of many songs by the Rippingtons that has stuck with me over time. It is a beautiful song, made just for early Sunday mornings, or any time you just wish to relax and unwind. I started to post just the audio version of the song, but this particular YouTube video seems to capture the vibe of the song with its gorgeous pictures.

The Rippingtons first album Moonlighting was released back in 1986, and has been cited by Jazziz as “the number one most influential contemporary jazz album of all time.” Twenty-one albums and thirty years later, they are still going strong. Album number twenty-two, True Stories, is being readied for release next month.  I’ll definitely be in line to purchase my copy. I hope you enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and as always, thanks for reading and listening.

12 Replies to “Please Take Me With You”

  1. Well, I know for sure that we have similar tastes in music and this one speaks for itself. I’ve got my collection of The Rippingtons though you are probably ahead of me. This was a good choice and the video was the cherry on top. Given our earlier conversation, I thought this one could be added to the mix with its appropriate title though not as Chillin as yours:-)

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    1. Just about anything by Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons is a good choice, Chevvy! They are one of, if not my favorite, smooth jazz groups (I do have a giant soft spot for Spyro Gyra and Fourplay too).

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      1. Great! – you’ve reminded me that I’ve been neglecting that side of my music – I will sort through my favorites. “Between the sheets” from Fourplay is definitely one of them.

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    1. You’re welcome, Twin!

      Yes, Jeff Kashiwa did play with the Rippingtons; he is featured on Curves Ahead but not on the song I chose. He was in the band for a few years until he went solo.

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