The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head 4

When your blog has the tagline “when stuff comes in, this is what comes out,” you are often dealing with a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff makes it to this blog in the form of the three hundred sixty-six posts (soon to be plus one) that have been published. But my mind is restless. There are plenty of things I could write about, but I either don’t have time, or I don’t flesh the ideas out enough to make it to publish. So what we have here is a kind of cleaning out of the junk drawer. Only the junk drawer is in my head.

  • On Friday, I got the notice from WordPress that it was my blogging anniversary with them. That sounds about right; about nine years ago I started blogging here with a blog called Mind Pinball that I brought here from Blogger. It became a sports blog but didn’t start out that way; I was just another person who liked to write and wanted to express himself on a bunch of topics. It was all good until I got on Twitter and people started to take notice of my sports writing. That’s when that blog became all sports until I shuttered it a few years ago. The blogging anniversary of this blog is in November; it has only been in existence for a year and a half.
  • If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably have noticed that there are plenty of mentions of a dance I do called a “two-step”. And if you have seen the interview of me by Lisa from Life Of An El Paso Woman, you also know that video was promised of said dance. In the comments of this post, that dance was also named the “Tracy” (my first name, if you didn’t already know). So, for those of you who care, or are curious, there is now video of me doing a version of the Tracy Two-Step to the Backyard Band’s go-go cover of Adele’s “Hello”. Feel free to check it out. However, my videographer says that I didn’t do it right. So there is probably going to be a Part II where I get it right :). Please be kind in your comments; like Erykah Badu once famously said, “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my sh*t.”
  • While the NBA playoffs have taken up quite a bit of my viewing time, as well as contributed to a lack of sleep, I’m still keeping my eyes on the Baltimore Orioles. And what do you know—they still are in front of the AL East and have the best record in the American League. Yeah, I know it’s only May, and I have seen what looked like promising seasons fade in the summer heat like an ice cube on a hot day. So as May begins to fade out of the picture, I’ll say it again: Let’s Go O’s! And yeah, I’ll drop this out here also:


  • A few words about my trip out west: I had a good time in Phoenix. One of the highlights was going to a baseball game at Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. I watched them play the Colorado Rockies, and while the home side lost the game, I was entertained and enjoyed looking at the park. It’s one of the many that was “Camden Yards-inspired,” meaning that it was built after the Oriole park started a renaissance of downtown-based, baseball stadiums. But it does have its own unique features: a retractable roof, which remained open for the afternoon game I went to see, and a pool, just beyond the right-centerfield fence. I did manage to get a few snapshots (I apologize for the blurry one of the pool; one of the patrons at the park made a very bad, but funny joke about someone in the pool and I guess I was still laughing when I got the shot).
  • I didn’t know, but apparently the new single by Justin Timberlake is already being called the Song of The Summer. In late May? Who voted? I thought briefly about putting his newly-minted #1 song through the Jam It Or Slam It? grinder, but thought better of it. I mean, I’ve featured him twice already, and will probably feature him again at some point in the future. I will be kind enough to drop the video here, and link to an article that compares this song and its video to another, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” from a couple years ago.

31 Replies to “The Stuff That Bounces Around In My Head 4”

    1. Yep! At least for now anyways. Your guys are looking really good so far! I still worry about my teams starting pitching, but they’ve proven that they will hit. At least most of the time.

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      1. The cold light of history does not bode well for them, true. But what’s that? This could be the year? Hey, last year a horse won the Triple Crown. Leicester City won the English Premier League! Anything is possible! (Says me in late May).

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      2. No doubt. I even go to Billy Goat Strut for a burger and a beer every time in Chicago, trying in vain to toast the damn thing, like a peace offering. At this point, he mocking us all.

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  1. You have given us a very, very, very interesting peek at what is going on in that noggin of yours! Thank you for the insight on how you came to blogging here.

    As for the Tracy two step or the T. Wayne two step or whichever you prefer to call it, you already KNOW how I feel about that video. It is my current guilty pleasure.

    By the way, tell your videographer to sail on because you DID that!

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      1. Fear not! The Tracy Two Step lives in all its forms! As long as I dance, there will be a Tracy Two Step! Or some variation thereof…and as always, your mileage may vary should any of them land in the public eye. LOL

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  2. What? What? Why am I just seeing this Two Step Tracy Dance??? Oh that’s right…because I’ve been lazy this weekend and behind in my reading. Um was that a taste of the cabbage patch move and possibly the Reebok? I can groove with you T. LOL Loved it!

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    1. There’s a little bit of everything in it, Lennon! Hahahaha…glad you enjoyed my attempts to not look like I was throwing a fit.

      You haven’t been that lazy, friend. The video was just made last week and I just posted it today. The post where my dance got “named” after me was way back in March. I think I linked it in the post.


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  3. Two things. First, good grief, what kind of miniature horse is that you have for a pet? Beautiful, but definitely a sizable beast ;-). Second, the Tracy Two Step is classic. Don’t ever change it – it works well with different tempos, won’t work you into a sweat too early in the evening and is quite cool, sophisticated even. Good job.

    (Feel free to share that particular cover of Hello, I miss go-go music, what little of it made its way to my college campus back in the day).

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    1. Hahahaha! That sizable beast is Konan, and he’s actually my friend’s pet. He is a Mastiff-Rottweiler mix. I was at their house when the video was made.

      Thank you! It also helps that that particular song isn’t too fast!

      That version by the Backyard Band is in this post:, but was a free download at Soundcloud, but I see they’ve taken it away. It is available for purchase though. You can stream it here also:

      Again, thanks! I appreciate it!

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      1. (Mastiff / Rottweiler mix?…good grief.) Thanks for the info on the song. Will be streaming until next time the budget opens up for new music purchases. You’ve presented quite a few recently that I need to add to the collection.

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      2. Thanks! That cover has proven to be quite popular in the DMV (not sure where you are located), showing up on the radio a ton. I love it, and I liked Adele’s version. But like most go-go, it is built to make you move.

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