New Music: Will Downing & Incognito

Two of my favorites have new music that was released last week. Rather than put both of them in the Jam It Or Slam It? torture chamber, I’ll just make a post that talks about both of them.

First up is Will Downing, who I am sure will make Chevvy’s & Lady G’s sexiest male vocalist list. I have to make a list too, but I don’t know how much “sexiest” will play into my selections. To elaborate, Chevvy suggested that we make a list of male vocalists that we enjoy in the comments of one of her posts; I presume that category is limited to R&B but I’m not sure about that.

I got distracted. Back to the music. Mr. Downing is releasing an album of covers by female artists to be called Black Pearls. As of this posting, the album is scheduled for release on July 9th in the U.S. (not sure if there’s a different release date worldwide, Chevvy). Unfortunately, I cannot find a copy of the song to post here, so you are going to have to visit SoulTracks to hear his take on Cherrelle’s 1988 hit “Everything I Miss At Home.”

A few words from Will himself regarding this upcoming project:

Will says: “Phyllis Hyman started this whole project. I was having a conversation with a friend who also worked with Phyllis. We both agreed that ‘Meet Me On The Moon’ was our favorite Phyllis tune. My friend suggested I remake it. I called my keyboardist/arranger Mike Logan to help with the song. After completing it, I thought maybe this is a great opportunity to pay tribute to other female artists that I have always loved. That’s how Black Pearls was born!” – See more at:

For my two blogging friends above, as well as new friend Suzette from Sue’s Space, who thrilled when hearing the voice of Maysa Leak for the first time in this post, I have new music from Incognito with Maysa out front. The first single from their new album In Search Of Better Days is called “All I Ever Wanted.” It’s typical Incognito, smooth and wonderful and Maysa does what she does as always. She will be featured on four of the new album’s tracks, which is set for release on June 24 (again that is U.S.). Unlike Downing’s single, I do have a lyric video I can post for this one (thanks to SoulBounce):

Please leave your impressions of these two new songs from longtime favorites Will Downing and Incognito featuring Maysa in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and listening.


17 Replies to “New Music: Will Downing & Incognito”

  1. Yay!Yay!Yay! Now T – you knew that I’d come flying here seeing Will, Maysa and Phyllis all in one post. This is great news on both counts – the Will Downing release and Incognito featuring Maysa. It’s double WOW that Will is doing “Meet me on the Moon” Now that sounds like Magic at its finest. I’m going to place my order on Itunes as soon I can. Thank you T for sharing this 👍🏼

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    1. I KNEW you would dig that, Chevvy! I can’t wait to hear Will take on that classic, and the others on his new album! And of course, my money is already in hand for Incognito-in fact, they are coming near my area in October, and I bought my ticket today! Maysa will be there too!

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      1. Sorry I’m here so late, we had a power outage all day. Of course, you knew which strings to pull 😉 Yes – I’ll look forward to both albums and lucky you with that ticket. I’ve seen Maysa live here about three years ago. From videos I’ve watch the whole Incognito band is great so you ought to have a really good time:-)

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