What You’re Feelin’ I Am Feelin’ Too

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

All I knew was there was a band from England called The Brand New Heavies. A funk band, no less. They had this female lead singer that sounded great with them, girl with the last name of Davenport. First name something like N’Dea. How you pronounce that?

And what kind of band, playing that type of music, is going to get any traction with New Jack Swing in full effect? Hip Hop all over the airwaves? R&B holding on for dear life?

This band.

What I didn’t know is that the version of The Brand New Heavies that I was hearing was tweaked slightly with Davenport. She stepped in as the band reworked their original debut album, which was released in the U.K. with Jay Ella Ruth on lead vocals. It was years after the fact that I heard the original versions of songs that Davenport turned into hits.

Nevertheless, with the release of “Dream Come True,” “Stay This Way” and today’s Morning Groove, “Never Stop” (their biggest R&B hit), the Brand New Heavies were on the map. Davenport would come and go, and the band would replace her with other lead vocalists (Siedah Garrett filled in for the Shelter album around the time that Davenport released a great, but hard-to-find solo album in the late 90s). Their most recent album, 2014’s Sweet Freeks featured Dawn Joseph on lead vocals. Earlier this year, it was announced that Davenport will tour with the group, perhaps suggesting that she may be back in the fold again.

Enjoy the Morning Groove for your Wednesday. As always, thanks for listening and reading.


16 Replies to “What You’re Feelin’ I Am Feelin’ Too”

  1. Great choice today. I remember them from that time, but didnt realize they were still making albums. I’ll check some more of it out. Watched the Voice a bit last night by the way, first time in a while. I don’t think the most talented contestant won. Do you?

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      1. Yes, Adam (the one on Blake’s team) was really good. He never had a bad performance in my opinion. I think that the voters fell in with Alisan (the winner) once they found out she was Curly Sue from the movie, and like many of these shows, once the audience gets the vote, it’s almost anyone’s guess who wins.

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      2. I’m sure she’ll be great, for pop radio. She’s talented for sure. I thought they all were. Pop isn’t really my niche though. I really dug the guy Adam. I liked the blondes original song too. Had a really cool vibe to it, but I may have enjoyed the riff more than her performance. The dude who played guitar was pretty good too, but I think Adam was the best. I do like this show much better than any of the other contests.

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      3. To me, the best thing about the show is the very beginning, when the contestants have to sing to the coaches, but their backs are turned to them so they can’t actually see what they look like unless they decide to add the singer to their team. That in essence makes it about the voice more than anything else.

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  2. I SIMPLY CANNOT WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!

    The Brand New Heavies has been a staple in my house for more than 20 years:

    1-I play “Stay this Way” and do a Lady G. glide at any give moment.

    2-Sang “Dream on Dreamer” to my then newborn baby boy back in the ’90’s; still do!

    3-“Trust me” with Guru and N’dea???

    I can’t Twin! You’re giving me a heart attack; and I mean the good kind.
    Damn good job!

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    1. Thanks, Twin!

      They have been a part of my musical journey for that long as well. Love your choices! I have to admit, I haven’t heard the last album they did in its entirety, kind of got lost in the shuffle. It does contain a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” that I have heard though. The last album that featured N’Dea I did like quite a bit, that was Forward from 2012. So maybe we may get some new music from them this year. We’ll wait and see…

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      1. Yes, I too kinda lost track but they are so good I can hardly imagine them going wrong. I used to like them and Jamiroquai.

        How did you like Jamiroquai?

        As for me, Jamiroquai’s “Traveling without Moving” took me through grad school—along with my jams!

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      2. I liked them too. Like you have with the Heavies, I’ve kinda lost track of Jamiroquai. Loved Traveling Without Moving, and also Return Of The Space Cowboy. Been a long time since I’ve heard either of those.

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