Hold Me Like I Was A Cuddly Toy

Damn, I miss Loose Ends.

Junior year of college. A spring semester that had already started off badly (partied too hard the night before classes started and missed the first class of the semester). Never really improved; grades were not where they should have been, heart broken by a girl who didn’t feel the same way I did about her. I still had music though.

Around that time, the cabbage patch dance was in full swing. I needed to know how to rock that dance. Oh, I had seen it done, but I hadn’t done it myself. So, because I apparently still had some money to spend (which wasn’t always a certainty in those days), I took a trip to the record store in the local shopping center. After looking through the racks, I picked up two 12″ singles by Loose Ends. One was “Slow Down,” the other was “Stay A Little While, Child,” which is today’s Morning Groove.

In those days, I practiced dancing in front of a mirror to make sure I was doing the dance right. And I used those new singles to practice, in my dorm room. Day after day I practiced, much like I used to when I tried to learn pop-lock moves. Needless to say, I got it right. And it wasn’t long, being college, that I had a chance to prove it.

Why do I miss Loose Ends…because for a three-year stretch in the 80s, it was as good as R&B got. In their own way, they were paving the way for a Soul II Soul on the U.S. side of the pond. And the songs: “Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating)” ranks as one of the great debut singles a group has ever had, in my opinion. As for today’s song; it wasn’t the group’s biggest hit—it barely made the R&B top 20 and had no pop action at all. Besides the fact it helped me get the cabbage patch down, it is eight good minutes of fun, British funk. And if you watch me closely when I listen to it and  I’m not standing up, I’m still moving around.

I hope you enjoy today’s Morning Groove. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

19 Replies to “Hold Me Like I Was A Cuddly Toy”

  1. Thank You for the trip down memory lane! I clicked on play to listen to ‘Stay a Little While, Child’ and the music just kept playing (Thank You Tube for the playlist!!!!) While typing this I am sitting here dancing and singing along with The Jets- Crush on You! Thank Goodness all of the children have been dropped off, the sun is shining, and everyone is on the playground!!!

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      1. I always loved that lyric. It is just so true that some people truly do wait and contemplate the situation without telling the other half in the relationship!

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