Jam It Or Slam It?: Eric Benét

I seem to keep finding a lot of artists who have been out of the limelight for a good while for these Jam It Or Slam It? features. Today, we have one of Halle Berry’s ex-husbands, Eric Benet. His first release in three years is a ballad called “Sunshine.”

I should give Mr. Benét a little more credit. He has been nominated for four Grammys, and he did have a pretty good career going even without the famous ex-wife. This single is the first release for a new album scheduled to come out in the fall. According to the singer, the song is about: “a reflective memory about a relationship that has lost its spark,” and memories of days gone by when love was better and life was joyous. And yes, his daughter is singing backup in the video.

Take a listen and say what you think. I like the horns and as always he sounds really good. If pressed, I would jam it, but I don’t think I’d spend my last dime. But if I keep listening, maybe that money takes wing a little easier.

43 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It?: Eric Benét”

  1. Hey T, I used to listen to Eric Benet though I can’t say I was his biggest fan save for one or two songs. I think this song is okay but I’m not so sure I’d buy it so I’m leaning more towards a slam it 🙂

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      1. ha!ha!. I’ll give it a listen and let you know if I find anything I like. I was on your Blog about half an hour ago but couldn’t play the video – also couldn’t find it on the internet. Will have to take your word that it is good😀

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      2. I don’t know what the streaming services are like over in SA, but you might be able to find it on one of those. I’ll see if I can get you to hear it another way.

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  2. “…one of Halle Berry’s ex-husbands, Eric Benet.”
    Now you wrong for that! 🙂

    Ok twin, I’m kinda with Chevvy. It’s not meh and it’s not slam it but it doesn’t quite make it to jam it…..not yet anyway.

    As you said, I prolly need to hear it a couple two more times before I can consider jamming it!

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      1. I know it’s true it just made me laugh when you said “one of her exes.”

        Remember, I am from Georgia so I remember the whole David Justice thingy.

        Remember him? He was some manner of athlete for the Atlanta something or others. ROTFLMAO!!

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      1. Hahaha! Yes, but I like other foods just as much.

        The ham sandwich thing came from the Temptations movie. Lady G reminded me of it when she was talking about how Berry Gordy at Motown used to rate the new music the groups were making.

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