So Crazy How Things Can Change Your Life

I don’t know what possessed me to think that I could sing this song. Showing off? Trying to prove something?

Whatever the reason, this is the song I chose to sing to a girl I really liked. Maybe because it was on my favorite album of that time, The Night I Fell In Love by Luther Vandross? Maybe because I thought I could do it justice? Granted I sang along with the record; there was no “doing it justice” being done. At best, it was glorified karaoke. The song I chose was “Other Side Of The World,” and it is today’s slowed-down Morning Groove.

So I’m singing right along with Luther, trying my best to imitate every falsetto swoop and ad-lib and somehow make it sound reasonably close to the master. I’m going to tell you, it was the longest six minutes of my life up to that time. I kept looking at the girl to get some kind of reaction. She smiled once or twice. She gazed at me with her big brown eyes and smiled some more. But no hint as to whether or not she liked it.

Finally I finished, wondering what the verdict would be. Turns out she liked it—at least the singing. Told me I sounded just like Luther, which was probably a bald-faced lie—but anyway I accepted the compliment. After talking some more afterward, we agreed to get together through the summer. Before the summer was over though, she had found herself a boyfriend who wasn’t singing her Luther Vandross songs.

The song? Among fans of Vandross’, I’d venture to say it’s one of their favorite slow jams, from a man who was one of the best that ever sang them. It was never released as a radio single; the only way to hear it on the radio was to request it on the Quiet Storm shows that are still popular on many adult R&B stations during the evening hours. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t great though—I thought enough of it to try to sing it once.

Enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and as always thanks for reading and listening.

10 Replies to “So Crazy How Things Can Change Your Life”

  1. Good grief Twin!!!!!

    I felt that one all up and down my patella!!!!

    I haven’t heard this in years. It was a favorite and so was “Make me a believer;” which as you know, sounds similar. I had them back to back on one of my old homemade cassettes!

    You DID that!

    Still can’t imagine you trying to sing it tho.

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    1. And here we go…”Make Me A Believer” was my favorite from the previous album! That’s saying something, considering that it had “Superstar” on it too!

      I was young and foolish, didn’t know what I was doin’…still I gave it the old “college” try! Yes, this song is great, one among many of Luther’s.

      So glad you were so “moved.” LOL

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  2. Can’t imagine what was going on in the young lady’s head that she didn’t more fully appreciate your serenade. I once had a guy sing Heatwave’s “Always & Forever” to me in the 6th grade. Let me just say, it’s something I never forgot and my crush for him lasted well into my 40’s.

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