Ain’t No Smilin’ Faces, Lyin’ To The Races

“Coming up on the Classic Lunch, music from the Staple Sisters!” the DJ stated emphatically.

After making sure I heard what I thought I did, I lowered my head in the palm of my hand. I mean, if you are going to play one of the more timeless songs to ever come out of Stax Records in the early 70s, the least you can do is get the artist name right. Right? So after the song played, the DJ back-announced the song once again by the Staple Sisters. Ugh. It was all I could do not to call in and put the DJ in check, but I thought better of it. Besides, I was at work, and it’s the only time I ever listen to the station anyway—primarily because it’s the only station that comes in clearly, what with it being a stone’s throw from my office.

To cut the DJ a wee bit of slack, the group best known as the Staple Singers did have three sisters in the group in their most popular incarnation. The Staple Singers started out as a family group formed by Roebuck “Pops” Staples, and his daughters Mavis and Cleotha, and son Pervis. Daughter Yvonne replaced Pervis in 1970, and not long after the group racked up hit after hit at Stax Records. If you want to say that Isaac Hayes did a lot of the heavy lifting at Stax after Otis Redding died and Sam & Dave moved to Atlantic Records, you better give the Staple Singers and Johnnie Taylor some major credit for helping out, with a huge assist from Booker T. & The MG’s as the house band.

Today’s Morning Groove calls to mind a place I wouldn’t mind going to—there seem to be so many people with smiling faces lying to the races—and they aren’t all candidates for public office, either. The Staple Singers make it sound like it’s not that far away, even if reality makes us feel like it is millions of miles out of reach.

And as for that DJ—maybe I’ll send her an email and tell her to find a picture of the 45. I’m sure the label has the name of the group right. Or better yet-I’ll send the attachment to her in the email so she can’t miss it.

Enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.

15 Replies to “Ain’t No Smilin’ Faces, Lyin’ To The Races”

      1. Funny, I don’t think I have it in my collection but I remember it very well. Was a very popular song back in the day😀 Hope you are having a good day. Here – we are freezing!

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