Flashback Friday: Hey Mr. D.J.

I’ve already written about Zhané in this post, but I thought I’d bring them back with their biggest hit, which is perfect for today. Well, except for the part about “It’s Friday night and the weekend’s here”….but that’s a mere technicality. Wherever you are it either already is or will be Friday night at some point. And besides, I can’t put this post on a repetitive Friday loop, can I? Well, I guess I could, with the whole “my house, my rules” thing, but…oh yeah the song.

Today’s Flashback Friday joint is “Hey Mr. D.J.” by Zhané. Featuring the keyboard hook lifted from Michael Wycoff’s minor R&B hit from 1982 “Looking Up To You,” and produced by KayGee of Naughty By Nature, this smash roared into the R&B top 5 and the Pop top 10 in 1993. It’s a perfect song to set to set your weekend off lovely.

May you have a great Friday, and weekend! Thanks for reading and listening.

31 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Hey Mr. D.J.”

      1. By the way, I left a note on Chevvy’s About page for you and her about a song another blogger asked me to find. I’ve had no luck finding it so far, so I was hoping one of you two could figure out what it is.

        Also-I’m still waiting for your list! LOL

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      2. I just told Chevvy that I gotta do my list. T. Wayne, I am going to have to ask you to stop digging around in my thoughts! I mean, have you no shame? LOL!

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      3. I don’t know about that. I didn’t compare notes so it will be interesting to see what we all came up with. By the way, is Chevvy planning to do a post on this? I forgot to read the rules! I guess I went rogue.

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      4. I think I got choo Twin with a real throwback brah!
        It was an add on so it is not part of the original list I did. Just scroll down after you see my list. All I gotta say is BOOM!

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