Steppin’ Out

Usually, the Sunday Morning Groove is calm and peaceful. Today, I’m shaking things up. It’s still an instrumental, but this one is one you can actually groove to.

Jeff Bradshaw first came to my attention when he released his debut album Bone Deep back in 2004. Instantly he stood out; how many albums are fronted by a trombonist in R&B? Then as now, not many. That album had a little bit of everything: some funk, some soul drenched tunes, and some of what was coming from the neo-soul movement out of Philadelphia. Eight years later, he released his second album, Bone Appétit, which is where today’s song comes from.

For this track, Bradshaw adds Brass Heaven for a full-on horn section, as he takes on the go-go styled groove of “Steppin’ Out.” It all starts with the drums, then the guitar lead comes in and then horns. By the truckload. For almost seven minutes the groove goes on and on. Much like another Philadelphian, Jill Scott does on “It’s Love” (another song I hope to feature one day), Bradshaw takes the go-go beat and gives it a bit of a twist.

It’s built to make you move, so if you are feeling a little drowsy, this might wake you up a bit. So if you were looking for the usual, smooth, quiet instrumental this morning, you are in for a rude awakening.

Nevetheless, I hope you enjoy “Steppin’ Out,” and as always thanks for reading and listening.

9 Replies to “Steppin’ Out”

      1. Yessir I did!
        I just had to mention Jill and that nasty go-go.
        Another one that I love from Jill is “Talk to me” where she flipped the script and pulled some old ragtime type shiznit! I love it!

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