Always Look At Me The Way You Do Today

The story goes that Jill Scott discovered the husband and wife duo Kindred The Family Soul (aka Kindred) at the Black Lily Music & Film Festival in Philadelphia. Signed with Scott to Hidden Beach Records, Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon spent two years working on their debut album Surrender To Love, from which today’s Morning Groove is taken. The group is also associated with the neo soul movement that was coming out of Philly at the time, of which Scott is the most famous exponent.

Today’s song was never released as a proper single, but it is one of my favorites from a debut chock-full of great songs. I first heard of Kindred on WHUR with their official single “Far Away.” Intrigued, I picked up the album and I was not disappointed.

As husband and wife, you would expect a love song like “Stars” to take on a bit more resonance with the two sounding as if they are singing about their love for each other. For me, it’s what makes the sentiments in the song and the sound of it so wonderful. It still sounds as fresh today as it did thirteen years ago when I first heard it.

Enjoy “Stars,” which is the Morning Groove for Wednesday. And thanks again for reading and listening.


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