Flashback Friday: My Fourth Guest DJ

As my regular readers know, every Friday I pick a song or several songs for a Flashback Friday post. This week, I have a guest DJ who will give us some international flair for FF. Like Lady G last week, if you’ve been around the blog she is not a stranger to A Joyful Process. I think we “met” when she commented on my Maurice White tribute post. From there, we found we share similar musical tastes. Today, I bring to you Chevvy from Chevvy’s Studio as today’s guest DJ. Please give her a warm welcome, and let her tell her story…

Greetings from Sunny South Africa

I am ABSOLUTELY honored to have been invited by T.Wayne  to be a guest on his FLASHBACK Friday today. For those who don’t know much about me, you’re welcome to check me out at Chevvy’s Studio where I encourage everyone to seize the moment by doing the things they love, imagine, daydream about or thought they couldn’t do.

So to practice what I preach, I write poetry, share my photographs and travel experiences, quotes that inspire me and most of all, I get to DJ in my own Studio – something I’ve always wanted to do. So like The Pointer Sisters: “ I’m so excited – I just can’t hide it”– that I found T.Wayne and more recently, Lady G. with  whom I share similar tastes in R&B and Soul Music.

Although R&B and Smooth Jazz are my preferred genre of music, I have a wide range of music in my collection and for today’s post, I’m dipping out of the usual music choices.

Before I share those songs, let me say that my sunny greeting comes more from my heart than the weather because we’re currently in the midst of Winter but let that not interfere with you celebrating a glorious Summer’s day.  Besides, I think the world can do with a whole lot of love y’all.

So I’m the kind of girl who can open the dance floor – you wanna dance your Friday in? Join me on the dance floor. Thanks again T.Wayne and have yourselves a fantastic Friday!

This one here reminds me of my activist days when I was hanging out with dem Reggae boys:

And now that you’ve worked up a sweat, here’s the one to chill to!

Thanks again Chevvy, for being my fourth Guest DJ! Please offer your comments on Chevvy and her choices below and be sure to take a look at her blog, if you don’t already follow her. I think you’ll like what you find. If you would like to guest post on a Flashback Friday, please let me know at twsmith555@outlook.com  or @mindpinball on Twitter. There are no restrictions as to genre, style or type of music you can present; you can pick one or several songs to feature.

Enjoy your Friday, and as always, thanks for reading and listening!



11 Replies to “Flashback Friday: My Fourth Guest DJ”

  1. Yaaaay Chevvy! I knew you would bring it!
    Guest posts are fun aren’t they? I’m going to enjoy these.
    By the way “I’m so excited” and ” He’s so shy” were two if my Pointer sister’s faves! Thanks!

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  2. I love this version of “Summer Breeze”, it rivals my favorite version by the Islets. Also thanks for dropping that Reggae jam on me. It revived a faded memory of the early eighties when approximately one third of the gang I hung with were; Jamaican, Trinidadian, and West Indies dudes who had also found themselves in the USAF, the fact of which, in no way, stymied their acquisition of, smoking of, nor sharing of a spliff or two, of some of the best ganja among friends.

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  3. Thanks Ron, glad you enjoyed both. I’ve revived my love of the Main Ingredients with other gems I discovered on Itunes – especially the older stuff with Cuba Gooding jnr. But the Isley Brothers are great too. Well my groupies were not the real thing – Back in the day if wanted to claim any freedom fighting credentials, you listened to Reggae – so Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh were all in the mix. Evidently, you were shooting the breeze Maan. Glad to have defrosted special moments with you. 😀

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