A Father’s Day Message

To the fathers—the real fathers. The ones that are there and take care, a Happy Father’s Day.

To my stepfather, for all you have done over the years thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

To my biological father, we weren’t close and you have been gone for some time, but I hope you are proud of all your children, and a Happy Father’s Day to you too (RIP).

To those who stepped in, even though you didn’t have to, Happy Father’s Day.

To the mothers who had to hold it down, Happy Father’s Day to you also-being a single parent is not easy work.

To the baby-makers who want to call themselves fathers but don’t want the parenting responsibility…this ain’t your day. You can get on with the greeting card companies and see if they can create a holiday for you. ~fin

This post is sponsored by Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs:

12 Replies to “A Father’s Day Message”

  1. Oh yes!!!! Preach it twin. If you are a sperm donor with no follow through, my Twin says this ain’t your day! YAAASSS !!

    But then, when you went and added ~fin
    I DIED!

    Happy Father’s Day Twin because it IS your day! You and all the rest of the great fathers out there.

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  2. Great post Tracy and I’ll say it again, have a superb Father’s day. If they’re good, they’re really special and I’m sure that you are one of those good and special dads. Best. Chevvy.

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