Guest Post: African-American Music Appreciation Month

I’d like to thank Lisa A. of the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog for allowing me the opportunity to write about Black Music (aka African-American Music Appreciation) Month. Please check out/follow her blog!

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone! Black Music Month (renamed African-American Music Appreciation Month) has been celebrated in the U.S. since 1979. Tracy from A Joyful Process wrote a post on how and why this month-long celebration originated. Tracy writes about music, current events, sports and his life over in his blog. You can take a look/follow his blog here.  

Black Music Month was created in 1979. Kenny Gamble, the co-head of Philadelphia International Records, along with Ed Wright and radio DJ Dyana Williams came up with the idea to set aside a month to celebrate the contributions black music has made to society and culture. The trio, along with other music insiders lobbied President Jimmy Carter to host a reception to commemorate the impact of black music. That reception was held on June 7, 1979. At that time, President Carter decreed that June would be known as Black Music Month. Each President that has followed…

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