It Could Be So Nice, Tonight

So, last week I did a post of Kem’s “Promise To Love” as part of #RomanticTuesday, a challenge created by blogger Erika Kind designed to have bloggers post something romantic on Tuesdays. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a song; it could be a picture or a poem or a story, just as long as it’s romantic. So I thought, what song could I post on #RomanticTuesday this week that works with my week-long “summer” theme (all Morning Grooves this week will feature songs with the word “summer” in the title)?

Well, my first thought was to post The Isley Brothers cover of “Summer Breeze,” but I’ve already written a post about it. Then I thought I might go with the Main Ingredient’s version of the same song, but Chevvy from Chevvy’s Studio posted it as part of her Guest DJ spot on Friday. So “Summer Breeze” was out. Then I dug down deep and came up with a song from as unlikely a source as I could have imagined, but when I thought about it, this song has been a part of Quiet Storm programs for as long as I can remember.

That song? “A Warm Summer Night” by Chic—which is todays Morning Groove, and this week’s entry for #RomanticTuesday.

This song is so spare that for lyrics, this is all you get:


Could you love me, tonight

On a warm summer night

It could be so nice, tonight

Te quiero, Papí

Repeated several times. How many times? Your Processor did a lyric count. Yeah I did. It breaks down as follows:

The verse (aka the three lines in the middle of the above section): 9 times

Papí : 10 times

Te quiero: 7 times

Don’t say I don’t go all out for my readers. For just over six minutes, that’s the complete lyrical story. Without giving the song away, I didn’t really have a whole lot to choose from.

This is more of a mood-setting piece than an actual song, anyway. Which may explain why it gets played on Quiet Storm programs at night. It doesn’t go too far, but by sheer repetition it burrows in and makes itself known.  Of course, having the guitar of Nile Rodgers (the sound of  which hasn’t changed much in almost 40 years), the bass of the late Bernard Edwards, some strings and a little piano helps a whole lot in that regard. Or it functions as a musical sleep aid, in which all of above contribute just as much. As I often say, your mileage may vary.

At any rate, the song meets the dual requirements for today’s Morning Groove. It definitely meets the “summer” in the title requirement; the #RomanticTuesday one is a bit more subjective.  The song never charted, but was the flip side of “Good Times,” the band’s biggest R&B hit and the basis of the musical backing of “Rappers Delight.”

There it is, today’s “Morning Groove.” Enjoy (or doze off), and as always thanks for listening and reading (or sleeping). You’re welcome. 🙂

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