Stretched Out On A Blanket In The Sand

I love War. No, not the act of aggression that has been around throughout time, but the band from East L.A. The band that came to be known for working with Eric Burdon once he left the Animals, but eventually grew to greater fame on its own.

I have written about War on the blog before; once when I tried to start a series of “Throwback Thursday” music posts, and then again when I started my series of Sunday instrumental Morning Grooves. One thing War’s music does for me is evoke a sense of atmosphere. “All Day Music,” for example, reminds me of relaxing in the early evenings with music either on the radio, or music player. It also makes me think of the “mental jukebox” that plays music in my head almost 24/7. “City, Country, City” with its shifts in tempo, sets the mood from the slower pace of the country, to the faster pace of the city. Other songs, like the well-known “Low Rider” and “The Cisco Kid” also give a sense of time and place.

It is with that sense of their ability to evoke a sense of place and time, that I chose today’s Morning Groove. Incidentally, today’s song was released on the first day of summer in 1976. Today’s Groove is “Summer” by War.

Besides meeting my “summer” in the title theme for the week, this may be the song that, at least to me, evokes what summer is like. The lyrics mention many of the things you can find going on during the summertime, and the groove is easy and laid back. One thing you can always count on with War is that they wear their East L.A. roots well. You can hear the latin influence in a lot of their records; and that is definitely present in this song, even as there were no latin members in the band. What also made War unique during their prime hitmaking period is that while most bands had a full horn section, War made do with one saxophonist and a harmonica player. Often times, that was more than enough for their grooves.

If I had a porch now, I’d sit out there while the sun was going down, with a cold one in hand and this song playing. The heat would be dying down from another warm summer day, and I would join in on the background vocals with the band. Since I don’t have a porch, playing this one with a cold one in hand will have to do.

Enjoy today’s Morning Groove, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.

77 Replies to “Stretched Out On A Blanket In The Sand”

      1. I think I’ll start next week. I always do a Music Monday but usually feature contemporary music in an effort to introduce people to new stuff. I’ve always been dying to put up some of the older songs I love and you gave me the idea how to do it.

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  1. Twin are you one of those ‘high tea’ folks? LOL! I am just kidding–I was reading the exchange between you and Lisa A. Frankly, if you are, I am going to really love you just that much more. LOL!

    Very nice post! Certainly evocative of Summer which is what you envisioned!

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    1. I like hot tea, yes I do. In the mornings at work, it’s usually black, but sometimes green; at home, it’s loose tea with different flavors. I have a peppermint tea, chai tea, blood orange oolong, and peach passion teas there. I have never liked coffee, so tea it is!

      Yeah, I was a little out of it with my buddy Lisa this morning-it was a dreary day and I didn’t feel like being at work anyway. I would have preferred to have slept in! Thanks for the compliment on today’s post—I hope I have represented summer well so far!

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      1. Impressive tea knowledge! And as for representing summer you most certainly have done a fabulous job with that.

        Anyway, all things considered, I have to say, you are one interesting cat!

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      2. I forgot to mention-I love Earl Grey black tea, though I don’t have it at the moment-I went cheap and got Tetley tea bags. It’s good, but no Earl Grey!

        Thanks, Lady G! 🙂

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      3. Naw brah…you just a lil bit more than that!
        Kinda like me; one of those kids that always had discriminating tastes. Some might call us–oh I don’t know—uppity!

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      4. Hey, it ain’t nothing wrong with being the uppity kid from a small town.
        Hell that’s me all day long.
        Though uppity might not be the right word for us because we are both very approachable and friendly folks 🙂
        I’ll keep a check for the right word! When I find it, I’ll let you know.
        If you know it already–tell me 🙂

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      1. I usually wouldn’t drink hot tea in the summer. But I have been so far this year. It helps get me through the work day. And I love having a cup on the weekend, with or without breakfast.

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  2. I gather from all of the conversation here that you guys were in a Summer mood not a working mood haha! So Tracy, it would appear that you have discerning tastes in music and tea 😀 Hope you are doing well and enjoying Summer!

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      1. Sorry for being a stranger. I’m trying to organise my life a bit and needed to focus.
        Yes, I thought discerning was a less snobbish word. I have three different places where I store all my teas. We have a chain of stores called the Tea experience, where I’ve bought all sorts of teas which we drink out of little Chinese glasses.However, I reserve this experience to share with my discerning friends😀

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