Seven Years Ago

It was seven years ago today, that Michael Jackson passed away. I can remember coming home from work that day, and my ex telling me to look at the television—Michael Jackson had been taken to the hospital. It wasn’t too much later that he was prounounced dead. Farrah Fawcett died on that day also, but most of the news was about Michael.

On my old blog, I wrote a short tribute post that night, even as I wasn’t even sure why I was writing at all. I think what I wrote about were the memories—the joyous memories the man provided me. I’ve seen the clips, though if I saw it live I don’t remember it, of this young kid with his brothers  on the Ed Sullivan Show singing “I Want You Back.”

From there, the hits piled up. And as he and his brothers became more and more famous, I believe that Michael lost pieces of his childhood. Between his early solo recordings and albums with the group, it had to be a constant grind for a young man who achieved superstardom so early. But I don’t want to make this about how hard it was when he was young, or how eccentric he became as he grew up. This post is about the joy he brought to millions with his gifts.

Can you think of another artist who single-handedly broke down the invisible barrier for black artists at MTV? Another artist who took the video format and transformed it into something more than a promotional tool? A young man who had such vocal and dancing talent beyond his years?

What I remember most about Michael actually starts with my childhood; after all, he was only a few years older than I am when he first became famous. I do remember getting a Jackson 5 record on the back of a cereal box, but I couldn’t tell you what song or songs was on it. I remember watching the Saturday morning cartoon, believing that the Jackson 5 was voicing their characters (of course they weren’t). I can remember seeing them on Soul Train singing “Dancing Machine,” with Michael doing the robot dance.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly leave out the Motown 25 performance: first with his brothers, then doing “Billie Jean,” introducing the world to his “moonwalk.” One of my favorite parts of the clip is the early footage of Michael aping James Brown’s “I Got The Feelin'”. He got a lot of inspiration from Brown’s moves back in those days.

Of course, all of the memories would be accompanied by songs. Suffice to say there are so many songs I could choose, and so many that I like that it might take forever for your browser to load this post, were all the videos included. I’ll end this post with a few of my favorites over the years.

There are so many, many more I could feature in this post, but I will stop right here for now. These are some (and not all) of the early favorites of mine, some are well-known and others less so. What they all show is that there wasn’t one like him and there won’t be one like him. I hope this post makes the point perfectly clear, even seven years gone.


18 Replies to “Seven Years Ago”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a musical phenom. I love your selections! “I wanna be where you are” is an all time favorite.

    You’ve been tip toeing around my top 100 of all time since yesterday 🙂

    Very nice post. Thanks for reminding us to think about Mike 🙂

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    1. Thank you! “I Wanna Be Where You Are” is one of my all-time favorites too. I didn’t want to put too many songs on the post, but I figured stopping at the first Jacksons album was good enough for now. I think I’ll be writing more about him tomorrow and maybe Monday too.

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      1. You are welcome!
        You know, it does make sense to do a 2 or 3 part post simply because his repertoire includes songs from every decade since the 60’s- if we count 1969 through the end of the aughts; if we count songs released during his actual lifetime.
        I’m looking forward to reading the next entries.

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    1. Thank you! He was an amazing entertainer, and yes you could see how great he was right from the very start. I’m sure my jaw hung open like many others at some of the things he was able to do in his lifetime.

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    1. Thank you! Time certainly does fly; and I had almost forgotten that Farrah Fawcett died that same day. I remember the day after there was nothing but Michael Jackson music on the radio, much like it was after Prince passed earlier this year.


  2. So much talent…I can’t believe it has been 7 years well I can since I remember where and what I was doing and followed it night and day …Gone to soon for sure…I did not buy his last cd I listen to it but since so many hands were in the pot on making that cd they lost the essences of mj..I will when I get the time listen to it again but for me to hear part of a song and say nope click on next song on it just didn’t have his touch..I did love the Michael cd they had after his death ….
    Thank you again sir T for the memories I enjoy them..I will tell you a story about me going to his concert in Canada when I lived in Vermont I am in one of the videos it was the jackson victory tour..When I find the link like I promised Lisa I will write a blog post of it..

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    1. First, thank you Suzette-glad I can stir up some good memories with these Michael Jackson posts. I’ll be looking forward to that story of seeing them on the Victory tour. I never got to see him live, but he gave enough thrills through his music, and videos to last a lifetime.

      Thanks as always for those hugs!

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      1. You are welcome but yes thank you for bringing up great memories..My dad got the ticket thru the radio station the last one…so I was lucky or I would not have been able to go…
        Oh I agree the thrills thru his musik and great videos …
        You are most welcome for the hugggggggs anytime my friend ..thanks for all the great musik information and hard work you put out

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