You Do Know That I Want You

The local radio station, in one of its promos for “todays hits and yesterday’s favorites,” uses today’s Morning Groove as the “yesterday’s favorite.” Which is all well and good, since the song is almost thirty years old. Though I have to admit, I think I’ve only heard the station play the song once since we started listening to it at work, and it was during the classic lunch hour. That’s probably well and good also, seeing as if I heard it more often I might be tempted to dance at work. Not that I haven’t done it before…

Anyway, today’s Morning Groove is “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” by The Jacksons.

From the Jacksons’ album Destiny, it was the second and last single released from the album. Both it and “Blame It On The Boogie” both peaked at #3 on the R&B listings, with today’s song also reaching the top ten on the pop side. More importantly, the song and the album it came from laid the groundwork for Michael’s solo triumph Off The Wall, having been released only nine months prior. This was the first album since leaving Motown that the brothers produced themselves, and they handled most of the writing of all the tracks. This one was co-written by Michael and his brother Randy, and has become one of their many dancefloor classics, with good reason.

So, I’m going to play it this morning, and get my morning off to a fantastic start. Do you have to ask? Of course, I’ll be dancing—this version is made for it!

(starts the video and gets grooving)

(eight minutes later)

Yeah…that’s the Morning Groove to set your Monday off right. Please enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening and reading.


7 Replies to “You Do Know That I Want You”

  1. T. Wayne two step to the left! T. Wayne two step to the right. Make a little room for Lady G to come on in and glide! Glide Lady G ! Glide!!! Oooh Oooh!

    Let’s get this Monday started right…Let’s get this Monday started quickly…right!

    Lady G just having a little fun with you Twin!

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  2. Hey, there aint no stoppin’ me now – got my own two step goin’ down here. It’s cold and dark now so this is a great Winter warmer. Thanks T and mind Lady G. – I need some of that space on the floor😀😀😀

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