So She Ran Into The Bedroom

Closing out the month of June, as well as my series of Michael Jackson posts is one of his most iconic songs and videos. And, he says the word Annie forty-two times (according to my unofficial lyric count). Also, the lean in this video is the stuff of legend.

Today, you’re all getting hit and struck by a “Smooth Criminal.” It’s the Morning Groove for today.

“Smooth Criminal” was the seventh single released from Bad, which came almost five years after Thriller was released. The album fared almost as well as its predecessor, with six top ten pop hits, and “Another Part Of Me” stalled at #11. Of those six, five of them (“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Bad,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man In The Mirror” and “Dirty Diana”) all hit #1. The album’s singles did well on the R&B charts as well, as every single landed in the R&B top 5.

Despite all of that, it wasn’t quite as huge a success as Thriller had been. For any other artist, Bad would be considered a huge success. For Michael Jackson, it might have been considered a disappointment. This album would be the swan song for the Quincy Jones-Michael Jackson pairing. Whether that was because of the relative disappointment of the album’s performance or a creative parting of the ways, we may never know. When Michael released Dangerous in 1991, Teddy Riley was in charge for most of the album, with Michael producing himself on other tracks. More hits followed, through HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1 and Invincible, but the returns were not quite Thriller-esque. That isn’t to say he wasn’t successful; they just didn’t measure up to what has turned out to be the greatest pop album of all time.

Enjoy “Smooth Criminal,” and the end of the series of Michael Jackson posts. I hope I did the icon some justice. I didn’t really have a plan to write so many posts about Michael; I had only planned to write Seven Years Ago; the post on the anniversary of his death. It then turned into a mini-review of his career, along with some of the great songs he has given us (some along with his brothers) over the course of his long career.

Leave any impressions you have about today’s song, or any of the posts in the series, in the comments. As always, thanks so much for reading and listening.


9 Replies to “So She Ran Into The Bedroom”

  1. Great album for sure and that song omg I had to learn the dance moves as well lol..the lean omg….I think all the songs on the album were great but once you hit thriller high I don’t think anything could come close to that and that is a problem for him …even tho all his albums are great (I think) except this last one and again I would have to listen to it all again..the last one I bought was Michael after he passed…
    As always great post my dear friend I love the fact that you did this for Michael Jackson and I also love your blog for introducing me to other artist …And great memories : )

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    1. Suzette, you are very welcome! I’m so glad that you liked those posts and also so glad that I’ve been able to introduce you to some new artists. And of course the memories.

      Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it!

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  2. I’ll be honest Twin. You know how I am, I stopped following Mike after Thriller. Not because I was fairweather; hell I had been with him since I can remember. I don’t know, I guess I could feel that he was trying to reach that Thriller status-even if it meant copycatting things. For example, I thought that the single ‘Bad’ was just a knock off of ‘Beat it.’

    I didn’t feel one way or the other about Smooth Criminal—though the leans in this video were impressive. LOL!

    Anyway, having said that, I still liked some of his stuff here and there but not the same as I once did.

    As for you, you put together a stellar series here and I could see me reading this whole thing on any of the major blogs! Well done Twin, well done!

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comments…especially since I hadn’t planned to do that when I started. It kinda snowballed and took off from the first post.

      Yeah, it became a law of diminishing returns once Michael kept chasing Thriller. I think his ambition got the best of him, and the harder he tried, the further he got away from it. I liked quite a few of his songs after Thriller, but every album was hyped as an event that didn’t quite deliver. Plus, that moment when it all came together for Thriller couldn’t ever happen again.

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      1. Leave it to an accountant to pull in the law of diminishing returns–but dammit it’s an ingenious and accurate description of what happened with Mike after Thriller!

        Like they say Thriller was a phenomenon that could only happen once in a great while. He’d never make it happen again, no matter how much he tried!

        Which is kinda sad when you think about it 😦

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      2. It is…it’s only something that you realize a few years afterward. I never really noticed so much while I was plunking down $$$ on every new release that followed. Shoot, I bought Bad the day it came out, Dangerous the day it came out and History the day it came out! There’d always be just enough good there, but you kinda knew it wasn’t going to be Thriller all over again.

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