Childhood Games

Can you tell me

Where have your memories gone?

Can you tell me

Why they are playing hide and seek, and

You can’t seem to find them.

You can find the pillars of memories of years ago,

But the ones from a few minutes ago are tucked away

Hiding behind dark corners, dipping in shadows.

Why do your questions

Stop and start like a game of red light, green light

Repeating and repeating, minutes go by and you’ve forgotten

The answers to the questions, and sometimes even the questions.

Why does your temperament

Bounce up and down like a child playing double dutch

Calm one minute, anger the next-frustration?

Does the rope hang you up?

Stop you before you can really get started?

I remember the you that you were

But time has robbed you of that man

The mental fog draining away the memories, the things you knew

The things you know

Now are but a sliver

You were sharp with knowledge and wisdom—

Gave me some common sense, when I truly needed it.

When you look for it now, do you check in the shadows?

Can you look around the dark corners and find it?

While the fog rolls in, obscuring everything you thought you knew?

Written about my stepfather’s dementia. I miss the man he was, while I learn to deal with the man he is.

17 Replies to “Childhood Games”

  1. Yes, T – this is a touching poem. It is a scary thought that this could happen to any of us. It must be a difficult experience to cope with in your family. Thanks for sharing with us and best wishes to your family. Great poem and tribute! Chevvy

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  2. Powerful my dear one..
    My dad has it as well hard to deal watch and struggle just kills me on the inside while I put a brave face…
    Granted he is not tooo bad able to due most things on his own but forgets and telling him a story or talking he has a hard time understanding at times…you know my friend..
    So very touching and I so loved this..again my friend keep writing I love it..

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  3. Hi, I’m here from Chevy’s blog. In her “happiness” post, I found you and hence… 🙂

    The poem has touched me deeply. It has brought out the genuine feelings of one’s heart. I’ve seen patients with dementia and I know how difficult is is to deal with them. The references to all those childhood games…you did it so powerfully…

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I wanted to use the childhood games because I thought that the way the mind worked with dementia was similar to those games, and the sense that the person who has it sort of regresses back to childhood.

      Thanks again, and I’m glad you liked the poem!

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