Back In The Day

So today is the big day. The big 5-0. Time to sign up for AARP. Well, maybe not the last one just yet.

When I was sixteen, I couldn’t imagine seeing a day when I would turn fifty years old. When I was sixteen, I looked at the year 2000 thinking, “Hmph. I’ll be 34 then. That will be OLD.” I was sixteen, after all. Anything over twenty-nine was probably looked at as old by me then. I shudder to think what my sixteen-year-old self would think of me now, at 50.

What I would tell myself at sixteen is that at 50, life is good. Life is getting better. There was a rough patch in the mid-40s—the breakup of my marriage, the resulting loss of a sense of purpose for a time, the finances being very bad. The days where you didn’t want to face anyone, or deal with anything. The sadness, overwhelming sadness. But I got beyond just about all of that. With the help of my friends, my blogging friends, and family, I have steadily climbed back up. I may not be at the top, but I’m gladly not where I have been.

What I have now, is a sense of hope, a sense of calm. While things aren’t perfect (are they ever), I feel change is coming. It won’t happen overnight; it almost never does. But things appear to be getting better each day. Are there bad days and disappointments? Absolutely. But they don’t crush me as they might have a few years ago. I know that because I have gotten this far, I can keep going on, with hope for things to get better, and for dreams to keep coming true.

Since I am thinking about that time when I was sixteen, when I couldn’t see what I would be at 50, I chose Brian Culbertson’s “Back In The Day” as the Morning Groove. Culbertson is one of my favorite smooth jazz artists out today; he’s been in the game now for over twenty years and has yet to have a release that disappoints me. One of his songs will also feature this week on #RomanticTuesday, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the Morning Groove for today. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

~Happy Birthday To Me!!!~ #50isthenew35

31 Replies to “Back In The Day”

  1. Happy, happy Birthday! You crabby man, you! Er, you know what I mean. Astrological sign – we’re crabs. Maybe we got the crab end of the sign animal assignment, but we sure are tasty?

    Hope you have a wonderful day! 😀

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  2. Once again! I hope that you had the best birthday ever!
    By the way, I heard that AARP will come looking for you so you don’t have to look for them! LOL
    I hear they got some good discounts available for motels! LOL
    I’ve been so busy this weekend, but you better believe I wondered how your birthday was going. I decided not to bother you and let you enjoy a blog free day!
    Much love and light to you T!

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    1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I had a fabulous time this weekend!

      AARP has already found me! I deferred membership; this time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll need one of those motel discounts!!!

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  3. Happy Birthday once again Twin! I’ve been thinking about you all weekend and hoping that you’d have an awesome birthday. I didn’t think that you’d be blogging today so I decided to leave you alone.
    By the way, I hear that AARP will come looking for you-you don’t have to look for them! LOL! I also hear that they offer awesome motel discounts!
    Much Love and Light to you T.

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  4. Happy (belated)! 50+ is not so bad … and AARP and all the discounts that start coming our way is sort of nice. The strangest part of being in my 50s, I’ve discovered, is that conversations with friends often begin with a list of what body part is hurting now … but, aside from that, not so bad! Enjoy!


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