Remembrance Of An Old Friend

Throughout high school, I had a good friend in my homeroom every year. We found out that we shared a birthday. And without fail, we would have a pretend argument over which one of us was the oldest. To be fair, I think she might have been older than me; I don’t remember if we truly ever resolved the argument. We had a great deal of fun teasing each other that the other one was younger—in those years, you always wanted to be older I guess, so that you could do “grown up” things. Some years back, she passed away after battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, far too soon. Each year on Facebook, I pay tribute to her with a short post. On the day of the year where we both would be turning 50, I posted the following words in her memory.

Every year on this day, I take a little time to post a birthday wish to one of my classmates who is no longer with us.

So, again this year, I wish a Happy birthday to Cheryl Simmons. 🎂

I would like to think she would be celebrating her 50th birthday with lots of laughs and a whole bunch of joy and happiness. Those of us who were lucky enough to have met her were made a little bit richer for the experience.

I am also pretty sure, at this point in our lives, we probably wouldn’t have that pretend argument about who was the oldest! 😉

RIP Cheryl. Still missed after all these years.

4 Replies to “Remembrance Of An Old Friend”

    1. Thank you. Cheryl and I were good friends in high school. Sadly we lost touch after we went to college. When I heard she died, the first thing I thought about were all those homeroom mornings and our pretend arguments. She was the best female athlete in the class, and was quiet, much like I was in school so we had that in common.

      Again, thanks, Twin!

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