Show Me Round Your Fruit Cage

Before I begin today’s Morning Groove post (which at present, the morning hours are rapidly slipping away), I want to thank so many of you for the birthday wishes. I would also like to give special mention to Lennon Carlyle at Fabulous With Glitches, Lisa A. at Life Of An El Paso Woman, and to Chevvy at Chevvy’s Studio for the wonderful posts they each wrote about me for my birthday. I was truly moved; I think I re-read each of them multiple times just to make sure they were talking about me! 🙂 Seriously, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. If one of the measures of a person is the quality of friends he/she has, I am a rich man today, and everyday.

The inspiration for today’s Morning Groove came from a post I read last week at the 2 Loud 2 Old Music blog about Genesis (it is a wonderful music blog; it focuses on rock music with a listing of new release information each Friday. I advise you to check it out). The post asks the question whether Genesis (and it’s current and former members in solo or off-shoot projects) ruled the pop charts of the 1980s. The information he found from the website at which the list was found determined that combined, Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Mike & The Mechanics beat the #1 artist of the decade with more hits and more weeks spent on the chart.

Of those artists, I chose Peter Gabriel. His biggest hit, “Sledgehammer,” is the Morning Groove for today.

The album So, from which this song taken, was a massive success. It is one of my favorites from that time; I still listen to it today. Gabriel was a former member of Genesis who left the band in the mid-70s, clearing the way for Phil Collins to become lead singer. Gabriel was known throughout his solo career for calling his albums Peter Gabriel, a practice he continued until he release So in 1986. The lead single from the album reached #1 on the pop chart and the video (as seen above) was considered groundbreaking for the use of stop motion animation by Aardman Studio (famous for Wallace & Gromit and the movie Chicken Run).

I had read some years ago that Gabriel was going for a sound and imagery in the song of a soul record from the 60s, and that he used Otis Redding as an inspiration. I can hear a little of that; but what I draw mostly from this is creative phrases he uses to talk about sex. I also enjoy the sense of strut in the groove. Nevertheless, it’s a great song and one of my favorites to hear from that day.

Enjoy “Sledgehammer”; it’s today’s Morning Groove. And as always, thanks for reading and listening.

12 Replies to “Show Me Round Your Fruit Cage”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Tracy! Of course I was talking about you! Lol. I read the post you’re referring to on 2loud2old’s blog last week! I enjoy his blog very much! You’re not going to believe this but I was listening to Mike & the Mechanics yesterday! I was listening to this one.

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    1. Why was that Mike & The Mechanics song the one I was thinking of? Eerie…

      Yes, 2loud2old’s blog is really good. I’m not always familiar with all of the music he writes about, but I still like the blog a lot. It’s one of my must-reads.

      You’re welcome for the shout out; I never would have expected one post about me, let alone three!

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      1. LOL Idk! I was thinking about it yesterday and I was like I’m going to listen to it. I remember it when I was a kid. My parents and uncle were ALWAYS playing it! It always came out on the radio. Well what can I say? You’re liked by a lot of people here!

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      2. Yea no kidding! My uncle played a role in it too. I was always asking him to play records for me, especially “Thriller” and..Van Halen’s “Jump.” I thought the guitar solo was cool. Lol.


  2. Hey Tracy. I’ve heard this song playing in the background many times but now that you point it out, gather which sledgehammer this song is about😀 And as far as the posts, I’m happy to have participated in a tribute on your special birthday and well done to Lennon and Lisa as well. You’re a great guy so it shouldn’t come as a surprise!😀

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  3. Thanks so much for the shout out and the extremely kind words. It means a lot and is much appreciated. Please know the feelings are mutual. And you should also know this is now my favorite Morning Grove so far 😀. And thanks to Lisa as well. “Sledgehammer” is a great song. I remember the video and always loved it for its creativity (at least it was for the time it came out).

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