If I Were You I’d Take Precaution

Today’s Morning Groove post also functions as a “Jam It Or Slam It?” Read on to find out how…

Let’s begin at the beginning. After 1988’s Heart Break album, the members of New Edition decided to split apart to make solo projects. For Ralph Tresvant, who had handled most of the leads to that point in the group’s history, it seemed a no-brainer. For new member Johnny Gill, who had previously released solo albums before joining the group, that seemed to be a no-brainer also. But for Ricky Bell, Michael Bivens and Ronnie DeVoe, there seemed to be more questions than answers.

Reportedly encouraged by producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to do their own thing, the three gentlemen formed Bell Biv DeVoe and created the Poison album in 1990. The album and the title song caught fire, and became one of the biggest hits of the new jack swing period. It is a song that is still remembered fondly, even over twenty-five years since the release. It is today’s Morning Groove. As for the lyric in today’s title, I’m sure just about everyone who knows the song would have figured that I would pick “never trust a big butt and a smile.” Come on—that is way too easy!

Before anyone asks: no, I never did any of the dance moves in this video. I can step, but not like that!


For the Jam It Or Slam It portion, Bell Biv DeVoe is back with new music. Apparently 2016 is the year that acts that haven’t had new music in a while are coming out from the dark with new tunes. The new song from the group is called “Run” and to these ears, it’s not bad. It’s not “Poison,” either, but then what is? What it does have going for it is a sample from Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize,” a song that itself sampled Herb Alpert’s 1979 classic “Rise.” It also quotes a few lyrics from Biggie’s song and includes a reference to the hit television show Empire as well. I see this getting some airplay on the radio, but I don’t necessarily see a big hit. But with a New Edition movie in the works for next year, maybe the nostalgia factor might help the song out.

As for my decision on the song: I like it a bit more than having a sandwich, but I’m keeping my last dime until something better comes along. That’s a Meh! in my book.



Enjoy and reminisce with today’s Morning Groove, and if so inclined, vote in the poll as to whether the new BBD song should be Jammed or Slammed. As always, thanks for reading and listening.

15 Replies to “If I Were You I’d Take Precaution”

  1. I’ll listen to it later and vote. I’m not really a fan of “Poison” but it’s still being played on the radio these days. Now, New Edition is a different story. Is New Edition where Bobby Brown started?

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  2. Okay so I am so glad to hear that you put some respeck on BBD name in the dance department. That damn Ronnie DeVoe DON’T want it!
    I’d love to see you two in a dance off! LOL.
    BTW, as my twin, I knew that you weren’t going to pick the obvious line but I love the one you did pick!
    As for the new jam, a hot sample can only take you but so far.
    It ain’t bad but it didn’t make me hit the floor for a Lady G glide!

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    1. Ronnie and me in a dance-off? I think he might win. God knows, all he’d have to do is bring out those “Poison” steps and I’d be finished.

      Thanks! I’m glad you recognized that that lyric was too easy to pick.

      Yeah, it needs something else. Either my standard has gone way too high for BBD, or I just am not excited for these new songs. We’ll see if the nostalgia factor kicks in for them.

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      1. I know, it’s almost a ‘been there, done that’ type of thing.
        Give me something new and exciting.

        Yeah Ronnie was always the smoothest one when it came to dancing.

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