The Blogger Recognition Award 2

Blogger Recognition Award

I would like to thank Lady G at the Seek The Best Blog for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. The reason there is a “2” in the title of this post is that I was nominated for a similar named award (with different rules) back in December by Chape of the Chape Personal Trainer blog. Nevertheless, I would advise you to check out Lady G’s spot as soon as you can, especially for the epic throwback Thursday throwdowns known as her “My Jams” series. She also tells great stories and has a fun sense of humor. So get on that.

Now you know every award that comes my way has some rules (rules!β€”always rules!). So here are the ones for this version of the Blogger Recognition Award:

  1. Explain why/how you started blogging.
  2. Offer advice to new bloggers.
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.

Why/how I started blogging: I started blogging because I wanted to express myself on different topics. The blog you are now reading actually began at Blogger with a blog named Mind Pinball. It lasted there for a few months, then I brought everything over to WordPress, and I have been with them ever since, even as the blog has changed names and missions. What was Mind Pinball had become a sports blog, once people on Twitter saw my posts about the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens. For a time, I self-hosted MP, but came back to WordPress, only to retire the blog when I got tired of writing about sports exclusively. A second blog, The Dodson Citizen, sprung up during the last days of MP, to fulfill the itch to write about whatever I wanted when I wanted; but I let that blog drift into neglect upon the end of my marriage. After journaling for awhile, I decided to get back into blogging, and A Joyful Process was born in November of 2014.

Advice To New Bloggers: Don’t be intimidated by the fact that what you write can be seen by others once you click that Publish button. Write anyway. Write about what interests you, what make you laugh, what fascinates you, what you want to discuss, the thoughts that bounce around in your head and need to get out. Find a schedule that works for you, writing and posting wise. Keep writing, even on days you don’t postβ€”like most things, you can get better with practice. Read often; not just blogs but articles and books as well. And you just never know, you can meet some like-minded people and read about some new and interesting things.

Blogger nominations: I’m going to bail on this one, because most of the bloggers I would have nominated have already been nominated. If you wish to participate, just follow the rules above and make sure you have a copy of the picture included in your post.

Thanks again for Lady G for the nomination!

14 Replies to “The Blogger Recognition Award 2”

  1. Yaay!
    Thanks for accepting this Twin.
    I know that you already have amassed about 10 zillion awards but I appreciate you accepting this one from me.
    Very interesting reading about your blogging voyage.
    I am so glad you decided to ditch the idea of blogging exclusively about sports because if you had stayed in that lane I would never have met you!
    Lady G ain’t trying to read ’bout no Braves and Hawks and Orioles and Ravens and carrying on! I won’t continue to labor that point because you already know how I feel bout that thang.
    Oh but music?….music! YAAASSSS!
    Music rejoined two twins who were split at birth and I am so glad!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 10 zillion awards? More like ten, period. LOL

      Yes, I know how you feel about sports. It got to the point that while I was writing sports stories for another site, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to do that anymore. I don’t mind the occasional mention or post, but all sports all the time just wasn’t something I wanted to do anymore. So I stopped.

      This blog has become mostly music, but I still have the freedom to write about anything I want. So I’m okay with it the way it is right now. I don’t want to box myself into a corner with the music, even as there is so much of it to choose from and write about.

      Thank you for nominating me! And yes, it’s a good thing we found each other to talk about our favorite songs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I have come to expect the unexpected over at A Joyful Process. I think your tag line says it all! I fell in love with your spot when I first read those words.
        Music aside, I love your poetic voice. Chevvy’s rubbed off on you. She coaxed you into finding a talent that you had filed away. Good thing she stayed on you.
        I also enjoy reading your commentaries on current events. You always represent the level headed rational point of view.
        So, again, all 10 of your accolades are well deserved!πŸ˜€

        Liked by 2 people

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