Jam It Or Slam It? Tessanne Chin & En Vogue

Today’s Jam It Or Slam It? features two, yes two songs. It’s a two-fer!

The first contestant in the Jam It Or Slam It sweepstakes is Tessanne Chin. The Jamaican singer was the winner of season 5 of The Voice. Since winning the show, she has released an album and several singles, but has had some trouble gaining traction in the marketplace. I heard her latest single “Love Suicide,” as part of my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. I noticed that it had been released back in February, but I had never come across it until I heard it Monday. Her voice sounds as lovely as always, and I have to admit, I do like the song. I wouldn’t spend my last dime on it, but it’s better than meh. That title though? I’m feeling some type of way about it.

So what say you? Jam It or Slam It?


The next act has been around quite a while. En Vogue were one of the superstar groups of the 1990s, piling up hit record after hit record through their first two albums, Born To Sing and Funky Divas. However, there was internal discord between the group members and the group began to fracture; first with Dawn Robinson leaving; Maxine Jones left a few years ago. Now En Vogue is a trio instead of a quartet: newest member Rhona Bennett joined original members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis. The group also released a single earlier this year called “Déjá Vu.” It has a poppy, kind of 60s girl-group feel to it, and the ladies sound good. It’s a different kind of En Vogue; not quite the same as the group I liked back in the day, but the song itself isn’t bad. Again, I think it’s better than meh, but I wouldn’t spend my last dime on it.

Do the one-time Funky Divas still have it?

9 Replies to “Jam It Or Slam It? Tessanne Chin & En Vogue”

    1. Ha! No idea. I didn’t even really notice!

      I do like both songs pretty much the same. Apparently a lot of Tessanne’s fans have come through and voted for her song. Maybe I need more options in the polls: one for more than meh but not Jam It, and one for less than meh but not slam it. LOL

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  1. Neither one of the songs moved me.

    Had no idea En Vogue was still making music – I’m of a mind to say when 50% of the original group are gone, said group should change the name and start a fresh. But then again, I suppose they need to continue capitalizing on their original success. Hmmmm.

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