Flashback Friday: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

I’ve had people tell me, both on and offline, that I should have been a DJ. Mostly because of my musical knowledge, partly because of the songs that I have collected over the years, and partly because some people think I could rock a party. I have often wondered, whether being a DJ for a party or on a radio station, was in my destiny somewhere along the line. The opportunity never really revealed itself to me, and I never had the equipment to learn how to mix records like many of the DJ’s I would see at bars and nightclubs.

Growing up in the 1980s, DJ’s were beginning to step to the forefront in music. In rap music, DJ’s were “cutting and scratching” on record, and being shouted in rap records all over the place. Also, the DJ was also beginning to mix records at clubs, getting them to flow from one record to another while making dancers happy from coast to coast.

Now I know that dance music exists in just about any era, but to me, the 1980s were full of songs that were made for dancing. One of those that I remember fondly was Indeep’s 1983 hit “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.”

A singer as great as Mariah Carey has taken a crack at remaking this song, and it’s this version that I like better.

I don’t know that if I were a DJ, that I would save anyone’s life just from the music I’m playing. But I do like the tagline, “there’s not a problem that I can’t fix, ’cause I can do it in the mix.” Maybe one day, I’ll learn how to do just that. As far as Indeep goes, this was their biggest hit, making the R&B top ten in 1983. I can remember this song practically saturating the airwaves back then, and with good reason. That bassline and the rhythm guitar licks just beckoned people to the dance floor.

Enjoy today’s Flashback Friday song, and thanks for listening and reading. I hope your weekend gets off to a fantastic start!

26 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”

  1. Hey, don’t discount the DJ dream … a friend of mine always thought he’d be a good DJ … started volunteering at the local non-commercial station, ultimately became the director, and now owns a small, but respected, record label.

    And, I was listening to the Yankees audio of yesterday’s Orioles win … and they were saying how Julio Borbon got his second chance in baseball because he just picked up the phone and called Buck Showalter over the winter and said, “I really want to play, but I don’t have any opportunities.”

    A lesson for all of us … don’t give up on dreams.

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  2. DJ T. Wayne! Oh yeah! It actually sounds pretty good! It’s still not too late to try something new ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you’d be great at a podcast and/or radio or club DJ. You’re a night person too!

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      1. Oh cool you should! You could talk and play music. I think it’s similar to blogging. My friend Ryan has one and he does it every couple of days. I think he started doing it once a week at first. He fits it in with blogging and other things.

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      2. Oh hell yeah! By the way, I’ve been thinking about his same thing!
        Back to you….
        If you do decide to do it, let me know ’cause I’d listen to it for sure!

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  3. One of my best friends is a DJ, and he has been doing it for 20 years. He enjoys it quite a bit. Equipment is very expensive, but costs have gone down overall since it’s completely digital now. You could even do your own remixes! Do it, do it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S. This song made me dance in my chair (I hope no one was watching). I dig it!

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